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Letting Go and Starting Over

Letting go and starting over can be a challenge. What if there were 3 ways that might just help with this challenge.

Elizabeth Smith

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“Holding on is believing that there’s a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.” Daphine Rose Kingma

Why do we hold on to the past? A question that has a plethora of possible answers. The reasons are endless.  Ultimately, could it be that the past holds a special place in your heart, makes you feel good or wanted at a particular time in your life?  Has holding onto the past been the opposite for you, not positive but negative? Has the past fostered negative feelings of regret or what ifs in your life?  

The past can have different connotations for different people.  Whatever your past may hold for you, keep in mind it is the past. Holding on can leave us stagnate and prevent us from moving forward. There are three ways that just might help move you away from the past, letting go and into the future that you truly want and desire. 

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Elizabeth Smith

Life Coach

  • 11 Publications
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Please note, you should hold onto the positive from your past because those are the things that give you experiences.  Experiences are priceless. Take those experiences and move forward.  However, if there are negative feelings from your past like regret or what ifs, is it time to let go, and start over?  Take the opportunity to separate yourself from inner attachments, events or circumstances that have caused some form of pain or negative feelings.

It begins with you! Are you ready? Here are three simple ways that might help you out of the past and into the future.  

First, please understand letting go is something that takes time.  Everyone is different and the time that you may need will not match with someone else in a similar position.  Trust that you are letting go in your “precise” time. For example, you may see someone on social media divorced or separated a year ago and they are happy and dating again. Do not get down on yourself and feel as if you should be where that person is because you have similar situations.  Remember, everyone is different and time is what you need. Take it. Take your time to heal and accept what has happened from the past. 

Secondly, believing you can find happiness again.  We make choices everyday and we can choose happiness.    If we are holding onto the past, it is challenging for us to see there are brighter days ahead.  This is the time in your life that you can hit the button inside that says, “Restart” because it can.  You have an opportunity to reinvent yourself the way you want. Remember, you are working for yourself, not others. Your happiness is what you want, not what your friends, family, children, co-workers or anyone for that matter wants for you.  It is what you desire. Decide on what makes you happy.

Last, take action.  Do not take the time to heal, believe that you can be happy and do nothing with it.  It takes effort and work, and taking action to make your dreams come true. It starts with you and when you take action, you are trusting yourself that you will have a brighter future and you will be happy.

Start and see where this may take you.

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