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Do we need to be like someone else or being yourself is good enough? The younger generation is often misled by wrong idols.

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There was a sanctuary located amid Papuke city, surrounded by thick dense forest and mountains. The burbling river merrily made its way through the forest, whisking the rocks and pebbles underneath, adding to the natural beauty of this place. It was an abode for many rescued cats, porcupines, giraffes, rhinos, lions, tigers, and rare bird species. 

The bubbling river was a meeting haven for different species and a spectacular panoramic view for nature lovers to capture glimpses of the animal habitat.

One day, the workers decided to pitch tents and have a night out in the sanctuary. With a small campfire lit in the middle, everybody was dancing and drinking away to glory trying to unwind after tiring, hours of hard toil. A mischief monger had set a trap to catch a small animal for roast dinner. After hours of waiting, he walked hopefully towards the trap but all his efforts were in vain. The trap was bitten and shredded to pieces. Dejected and frustrated he threw his glasses in the bush angrily and stomped back to the camping grounds. Frustrated with the failure, he sneaked into the sleeping bag and dozed off to sleep.

The moon was shining its natural light on the forest. Nature had calmed down for the night only to highlight the clickity-click of the crickets and the fireflies. A lion was on the prowl for his hunt walking with a mighty gait basking in the company of the stars and the moon.

A strange object on his path suddenly caught his eye. He picked it up. The lion being the King, knew it belonged to the humans. He was a technology-savvy, modern, knowledgeable lion and instantly recognized that glasses are used by humans to see things clearly. His curiosity and happiness had no bounds. He put them on his nose, looked up and down, and jumped with excitement at his newly found treasure. He walked in pride to the river; smiled at his reflection and rejoiced to gaze at the stars, drifting away to sweet dreams.

The next day, he walked into the forest and roared loudly. Hearing his loud roar, all the animals were scared and hid in their burrows. He took great strides and commanded respect from everyone around. A few giggled at his idiosyncrasy. He showed off his new magical glasses to all the animals. He told them he can see differently now. He would be the most powerful, elegant, and courageous creature on earth. The forest was amazed by his elegant new look with the beautiful orange mane, mighty gait, and transparent glasses.

His perception of being able to hunt the animals in no time was miserably wrong. 

Early the next morning, he stepped out of his cave for his hunt. He picked up the pace and started running faster. Due to the new glasses, he had distorted vision. The trees that were far away seemed to be close and nearby trees seemed to be distant. Confused with this topsy-turvy world and vision, he banged against a tree, unable to gauge the distance. Then, he saw a small rabbit jumping nearby. He pounced on him only to find the rabbit was far away and hid in his rabbit hole from the fierce lion. The lion fell flat on his face with his face covered in mud. All the animals laughed heartily at his plight.

The King ignored the ignorant ones, dusted himself, and kept rushing forward with his glasses on his head. This time, he saw a deer coming out of the bushes. By now, he was completely confused about whether the deer is far or near. The deer sensed the danger and ran as fast as his feet could take him to safety and far away land. The lion was furious, he lost both the prey, banged against the tree, and was grounded.

The lion walked a few miles and came across a fox who stood still without blinking his eyes. He was very close to the lion. The confused lion kept overthinking. The clever fox quickly got out of that place. The lion was disappointed and exhausted as all three prey slipped from his grip.

He sat down and threw the glasses away. This time he looked at his reflection and contemplated seriously. “ Do I need the glasses to look powerful and intelligent? My eyes are beautiful enough to make my world colourful.

With a smile of contentment on his face, the hungry lion returned to his cave with a new enlightened vision.

Author: Pranoti Gupta

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