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Little paws

Animals share the wisdom to connect, feel, and understand the enriching relationships with them; past superiority, judgement

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                                   Little Paws                                                                                                 


               My husband and kids walked through the door with a Beagle on a leash to my surprise out of nowhere. I am not an animal person; however, I fell in love with her floppy ears and beautiful brown coat immediately. The gentle, soft look in her eyes beckoned all the warmth and love in my heart.

I remember as a child, I was afraid of dogs; sitting with my legs curled up, terrified of my friend’s little Daschund licking me. But here I was, hugging and stroking Bella, having hair all over my couch and pee spots on the carpet. 

My daughter treated Bella like a doll who lovingly showed her approval with a wagging tail. Every morning, Bella returned with a muddy snout and wet paws from her hunt under the house. She waited eagerly in her favourite pose for the kids to return from school, barking at me to open the door for them.

One morning, the door was left ajar open, and Bella went for a stroll on her own. Eventually, I discovered she had managed to escape through the neighbour’s fence and landed on the main road. I skipped a heartbeat. What if? Praying for her, I followed clues given by strangers on the street. Fortunately, to my respite, I found her resting under a tree. 

My daughter’s 18th birthday gift was immemorable. A cute little black puppy wrapped in a red bow around his neck. We all screamed with joy. The little guy flew from Gisborne and was a little lost. The next few weeks went on training him(a tiring and tearful time) and catching all his tricks on camera. His Godmother(my daughter’s best friend) named him Nikey. Since then, he became the official branded member of our family. Soon, he turned to be the bilingual, Hairy Maclary version. Nike’s morning routine was to wake me up whining and pulling my blanket. Then he would stretch himself on my body and shower me with loads of kisses. As soon as the back door was opened, he rushed outside on the deck and chased the birds coming for a feed. He would run and bark at the cats in the driveway till they frantically ran away. Sometimes, the stubborn ones stared at Nikes refusing to budge or move away and determined to show - Who’s the boss? 

Each animal has profound wisdom to share. I was exhausted and overslept that day. The next morning, I found Nikes going round and round the bed whimpering, asking me to wake up. I asked him to hop on the bed but he wanted me out of the bed and follow him. He kept looking back making sure I was following him. I still had no clue where and what he wanted me to do. Finally, he made me open the back door. He waited and looked at me questioning, have you forgotten to feed the birds? I looked back at him. It took me a  few seconds to figure out his language. He was fascinated by this activity. I was seemingly surprised by this unspoken communication. When we recognize the message and are ready to receive it with an open heart, we can be transformed into the living being the universe wants us to be. 

Nike's playdate with other dogs at the dog park amused us. Evening strolls with him were fun too. We often met Goatee- the goat on a leash, Buddy- the toy poodle, Onion - the active Lab, and Jackie- the fluffy Border Collie adding their unique stir to the brewing pot.

They showed unconditional love and made our lives happy, connecting our hearts with their unspoken words. Today, when I look back, I agree - Dogs are miracles with paws.


Author: Pranoti Gupta

:) Animals too have unique methods of communication. Sometimes, silence has deep hidden knowledge and answers we all are looking for.

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