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Healing Journey

Fearful times test our patience, courage, and values. The healing journey reveals unknown facets of our personality.

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The German origin of the word ‘heal’ or health means ‘whole’ or ‘complete’, surprised me while researching for therapies to recover from trauma, PTSD, fear, depression, pain, abuse, etc. Research has proven that 100% cellular healing or regeneration cannot be reached by verbalizing techniques alone; however, hypnotherapy has worked wonders in wiping the painful memories and even alchemizing the past to build self-esteem in cases of violence or abuse.


The human mind is full of distractions, playing tricks and jumping from one task and goal to another. Hence called the monkey mind. Any dis-ease manifests first in the mind and then physiologically. It keeps us busy in the rat race like a hamster on a wheel trying to prove himself. Dr. Abdul Kalam’s 3 MMM concepts- Money, mindset, and memories can be life-changing for cellular healing.


Relaxing, rejuvenation recharges our drained batteries. Also, activates the parasympathetic nervous system which triggers the healing response navigating the fight, flight, or freeze response generated by the amygdala. When we become aware of the power of choice, we free ourselves from fear-based reactions, faulty distorted perceptions, or a victim mindset. Thus, welcoming the Tao (harmony, peace) back into our life.


A mindset fueled by an undercurrent of fear, guilt, resentment, criticism can get us stuck in the past and resistant to change. We will feel safe yet constrained, comfortable existing rather than living the life of our dreams. We are all making guest appearances on this planet but often take our existence for granted neglecting our health running on life’s treadmill unconsciously engaging in status quo and material wealth. Our thoughts, patterns, friends, people create a wall around us. Some people remain stuck forever in this phase.

The concept of self can be deceiving leading us to public self or private self instead of the true self – pure soul or atman. Existence at the soul level brings joy, bliss, happiness embarking on a magical road to success and victory over a vice, bad habits, a promotion, spiritual or material gain.


Projection, self-prophecy can be detrimental to health and build hatred, insecurity, fear. Adopting a new default mode of being, living a more contented life of fearless flowing can help you get out of your way. Stress, competing priorities can create blocks in Tao daily and deplete the prana or chi from our body. Breaking free from a habit or behavioral patterns is so liberating and healing.


Taoism is the way to move forward towards a peaceful and happy life. Looking inward helps us discover the darker aspects lurking in our EGO mind’s closet which destroy our best intentions. Accepting the dark and the light, yin and yang complementary opposites add value and colour to our life. Tao in everyday life means to lighten the burden of the darker aspect of being a human. This is true enlightenment. Letting go, you are free, and the work gets done effortlessly. Examining our attachments to recognition, security, and control helps us gain a different perspective of the world around us and drop any rigid beliefs and set ways. Walking away helps us regain our sovereignty, protect our self-respect, and set healthy boundaries. Only then, we do not seek constant approval or opinions of others, allow to be manipulated or mistreated as slaves. Embracing change can be fearful yet breaking free from mental complacency and allowing the situation to take a natural course of action of non-action. Especially, if you are the person to rush and rescue others with a victim-rescuer mindset, you can take a step back slightly.


A positive shift from within not by external forces has great benefits to boost self-esteem and discover your true strength and power. It doesn’t mean you leave the responsibilities and live in a forest but a simple act of seeing the good in others and self-appreciation can have a profound positive impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. A daily practice of yoga, breathwork, exercise can strengthen the immune system. Alternative healing practices like Ayurveda, Acupressure, Chinese herbal medicines, flower therapy, homeopathy can build sustainability. 


Sages in India levitated their body by gaining control over their mind. Fear-driven impulses can take us in the wrong direction and create havoc in the body and the surroundings. We still fall for the endless babble, useless gossips, overthinking patterns, set us on a downward spiral and an endless loop of negativity.


A quiet, calm, peaceful mind can reap great rewards and help us unplug from the noisy world’s demands. Walking away like a King, quietly without engaging in the drama. 


Disclaimer: The above article should be read as general information and remedies only, hence should not be considered as specific or individual advice of social, legal, or medical nature. This is an authentic attempt to inspire the audience towards the magical, healing inward journey.



Author: Pranoti Gupta














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