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Beyond Miracles

Life is a mystery full of twists and turns teaching lessons and showering blessings so we can evolve into better beings.

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Beyond Miracles


This is a high voltage incident that happened in Madhya Pradesh, India during 1930. A period of war and strife, grim circumstances, poverty, fear, and superstitious fanatics. A time of Great depression when Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March rattled the British Colonial rule.


At the time of the British withdrawal, 565 princely states were officially recognized in the Indian subcontinent, apart from thousands of zamindari estates and jagirs. Sardar Pandhare was a brave soldier running the administrative affairs in Indore. He was rewarded 100 acres of property by the government for years of his efficient service. An old caretaker was appointed to look after his property. The old man stayed in a small house built on an acre of land amidst nature. He earned his living by raising 100 cattle, chicken, and sheep on the farm. Rama, the old caretaker, was living a happy, sustainable life.


Rama was not only good at his work but also knowledgeable about black magic. He was a learned fellow and never misused this science to satisfy his greed or selfish needs despite the unpleasant financial predicament.

A few years go by, Sardar Pandhare and the Police Commissioner visit the place. Sardar Pandhare decided to marry his daughter to the Police Commissioner’s son, Aakash. Everyone was in a cheerful mood now that the alliance was fixed. Both fathers went for a stroll on the property and were displeased by Rama’s little cottage. It spoiled the beauty of the place. Rama begged them to let him stay but no one listened, and he gets kicked out. Angrily, he storms out but curses the family. So, they beat him up badly. Bruised and avenged, Rama plans revenge.


He walks for miles and asks for help. But people refuse to help him. Fortunately, he comes across a small deserted hut in the middle of nowhere. His feet covered in blood and thorns, he lies on the floor.

Sardar Pandhare and his family are busy celebrating and planning for the wedding. After a month, Aakash falls sick with severe pain and kidney failure. He becomes immobile on the bed. Sardar Pandhare calls for the best Doctors in town. But Aakash’s health was deteriorating and all efforts were in vain.

Rama is busy with his black magic knowledge. He worships a black doll. Offers haldi-kumkum and flowers on her feet every day. He lights a lamp and asks for her blessings. He injects several pins into her body. With every needle, Aakash’s health worsens. His hearing and speaking abilities diminished. He was living a life of a vegetable. He is in severe pain. Doctors give up hope and mention this is inexplicable and beyond medical science.


Meanwhile, the daughter remembers Rama’s curse and wanders around looking for him. Fortunately, after a few days, hunt finds his hut and begs him to save her husband. She worships his goddess and prays for her husband’s life. Rama is pleased with her devotion and decides to forgive them if they beg him and return his dignity and respect.

Sardar Pandhare, Aakash, and the Commissioner kneel before Rama. Rama removes all the needles from the black doll. The moment he removes the needles, Aakash returns to his old self, his pain disappears, his speech becomes clear. All the eminent doctors are stunned by this miracle and watch with awe and disbelief.


“This is a mysterious case. I am taking it to the London school of medicine. It's spiritual and beyond medical science”, exclaims the head surgeon.

Rama and his spiritual knowledge become the talk of the town. All the villagers plan to gift a small house to Rama; however, he disappears never to be seen again.


It shook the whole medical science, but no one could conclude.


Author: Pranoti Gupta

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on real events. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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