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Inner Compass Online Art Project

Using mandalas, shapes, colors, and lines to gauge moods and thoughts for enhanced creativity! Enroll for FREE:

Juliette Ozkalfayan

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Following a very simple template, this drawing exercise can be a tool for introspection by associating colors with specific emotions, mental states, memories, and affirmations.

This project is lovingly narrated by Susan McGurl. The enclosed PDF has colorful graphics for illustration and guidance. You can also watch a video where I will walk you through my own creative process with this project.

Using some art supplies you might already have on hand, and a full rainbow spectrum of drawing materials, it is possible to pinpoint where we are right now in the present moment.

Keeping with the circular mandala theme this is a fun reminder that everything we are thinking and feeling is temporary. While our inner states can be complex, and sometimes conflicting, they do not have to be a roller coaster.

Having an honest and very colorful representation of our mood in any given moment is a coping skill everyone needs to work on. There is no way to move forward in life without understanding your thoughts and emotions.

The next level is to see the entire pattern in one mandala. Since we are constantly "copy editing" ourselves to ditch outdated versions of ourselves, this is tangible, in the moment perspective on where we are and what needs to change.

There is also a chance to notice how multifaceted we are and see the beauty in an ever-evolving sense of who we are. As you will see in the video linked PDF, my first draft was a rough sketch, the second, energetic and expressive, and the 3rd, much more concise and structured.

Trust me you can make your very own template, and watch how quickly chaos finds order, which each has an element of beauty.

What becomes of the actual mandala in the very center of these pieces is truly breathtaking!

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