During this pandemic time, so many of us  are going through pain and losses, Some are unhealthy, some are going through are becoming hopeless. 
The time we are living in today is critical. There is a power that we all have within us but still unknow to many others. We all have one power in common, it's called the power of choice. 
we can choose what to do, we can choose where to focus at, we can choose where to lean in, we can choose what to belief, and we can choose what things means for us. 
To change your life you need to stop and realize what is it that you are doing with your power. Always ask this question "are the choices that I am making today helping me or destroying me?" Your answer should be always positive. 
If we all take a full advantage of this great power we can do anything that we want to do in our lives. What is it that you want to do today? 

use what you've already got within you and take a full advantage of it.
I hope this article helped you in a way, and I dare  you this week, this month, and this year to take a full advantage of this force that you have within you, it can help you climb the latter of hope, happiness and success.