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Can a Relationship Work After Several Breakups?

Are you wondering how a relationship can work after several breakups?

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Are you wondering how a relationship can work after several breakups? Did you know that around 90-95% of relationships can be saved if you know how you deal with them? It's never too late...

Maintaining a relationship is very difficult. Sometimes misunderstandings, arguments and disappointment are very common which often leads to a breakup. 

If you really want to save your relationship after a painful breakup, firstly you need to focus on the mistakes done by you and second, you have to focus on finding the solution.

But before saving a relationship after a breakup, you need to be honest with yourself, not lose your confidence, don’t feel guilty for everything, and do not lose your confidence. You have to manage this situation in a very calm and positive way.

How to Save a Relationship After a Breakup

Evaluate the situation and analyze yourself:

You seriously consider whether the relationship is worth saving or not.

It's time to evaluate the situation and analyze why you should be or should not be together.

Analyze the pros and cons of the relationship and write down the things that attracted to you each other.

Keep your distance:

According to experts after break up, it is important to give yourself some time to heal and avoid your ex for at least 30 days. The main reason behind it is that you allow your ex to miss you. 

It also gave you both time to calm down and ease your anger towards one another. 

Work on yourself:

After a breakup, think about your mistakes, if any, and start working on improving those. 

Take some time to realize that the mistakes you've made so that you won't repeat them in the future. 

Face the problem and come up with a positive solution:

Try and figure out what the reasons are and how you can work on finding a solution to them. Some people can't figure this out because of ego or their anger issues. 

Ignoring the problem will only make it worse.

Make a plan on how to save your relationship:

After keeping your distance and analyzing the situation, now is the time to work on saving your relationship. 

Even strong relationship faces challenges. So, don’t lose hope. 

Find a way to communicate with your partner:

It’s not easy to communicate with your partner after a breakup, you have to wait for the right time and try to communicate in a positive way.

Only a positive approach can really help you to deal with this situation. So start to communicate with your partner not daily but maybe once a week with a positive attitude. Recall the early days of your relationship, how much you loved, and cared for each other. This could help with mending your relationship. 

Regain trust and respect:

Rebuilding trust and respect isn't going to be easy, but it is essential to move forward. 

Apologize to your partner if they were any faults or mistakes from your end.

 If you really want to save your relationship from a breakup, you need to put in consistent effort to build a strong relationship.

Never make false promises:

One of the main reasons why couples break up with their partner is because they make promises and never fulfill them. 

You should only make promises if you're able to commit and fulfill them. 

You need to adopt forgiveness and acceptance:

No one is perfect. Therefore, you need to forgive and accept your partner for who they are. 

If you really to repair your relationship after breakup forgiveness is the key. You both need to forgive each other. 

Learn to forgive, forget and move forward. 


When you start to fix problems after break up, you need to focus on the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms. Try and resolve the problems. 

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