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How to Survive in an Unhappy Marriage and Make it Work

An unhappy marriage doesn’t mean that your relationship is ending.

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An unhappy marriage doesn’t mean that your relationship is ending.

You have to first ask yourself this question, why you are feeling unhappy in your marriage?

What are the reasons and issues you are facing in your marriage?

Now, from here, you need to understand that every marriage has some problems or another. But the major point is how you save your relationship. 

Don’t treat yourself as the victim of an unhappy marriage because marriage conflicts are not always one-sided.

There are so many reasons for an unhappy marriage, but criticizing each other is not a solution to this problem, instead, you have to find the solution and way of regaining happiness in your marriage.

How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage

Understand there is a natural difference between you:

There are some clashes or misunderstandings that happen between you.

There are so many differences like your thought process, mindset, and capability to adapt things.

So you have to focus on avoiding the differences and work together to solve the issues that make you feel unhappy in your marriage life.

Try to develop a friendly approach:

When you share something with your friends, they suggest the best solutions to the problem.

But in marriage, you might be unable to share the feelings or problems you facing in your relationship.

If you really want to regain happiness in your marriage life, you need to start adopting friendly behavior to your spouse, so that you can easily share things and issues.

Never make harsh decisions during this time:

When you feeling unhappy in marriage, do not make harsh decisions during this time, otherwise, you'll face big trouble in your marriage.

You have to give time to understand the reason behind your unhappy marriage, then wait for the right time to discuss with your spouse.

Don't make any rash decisions before analyzing all the facts, otherwise, your relationship going in a toxic direction because rash decisions are totally opposite to balanced decisions.

Practice self-compassion:

Marriage is one of the most joyful and fulfilling aspects of your life but it’s also full of some challenges.

In simple words, compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy with others suffering and feel motivated to resolve the suffering.

Compassion is all about empathy, emotions, and love. In the case practice of self-compassion, you have to increase the number of positive interactions no matter how unhappy you are. 

Without compassion, you never make a good bond with your spouse. If you practice self-compassion in relationships, you will regain happiness in your life.

Avoid criticizing each other:

Avoid getting trapped in a negative cycle of thought because when negative thoughts come to mind, you start blaming your partner.

If you blaming your partner for your unhappy marriage, it really hurts them, and it's not a good sign of a healthy relationship.

Although criticism is very common in marriage you have to avoid criticizing your partner.

Be honest and truthful:

As you know honesty is the best policy, no matter how unhappy you might be. 

But one thing is very clear that if you are honest and trustful with your partner, sooner or later they will realize that you are the right person, so there is a better chance that you regain your happiness in marriage life.

Without honesty and truthfulness, you never achieve the stage of happy marriage. 

Be supportive and always encourage your spouse:

If you encourage your partner, then your partner also shows interest in you and starts supporting you but first, you prove yourself that you are supportive and always encourage your spouse.

If you both support each other unconditionally, then you easily regain happiness and romance in your life.

Never forget to compliment your partner:

Always appreciate your partner. If you do this on a  regular basis then your partner starts trusting you.

Your small efforts really work great for making your relationship stronger. let them know how you feel proud of them if they achieve any success.

So never forget to compliment your partner.

Try to be more romantic with your partner:

Always put in the effort to be romantic with your partner. 

If your romantic life is good then automatically your marriage is full of happiness. Show your partner no one in this world loves them as much as you do.

Still continue with your hobbies:

Never stop your hobbies or anything that gives you happiness no matter how unhappy you are in your marriage. 

If you still don’t have any, try to develop a new hobby such as reading, writing, cooking, or anything else that makes you feel good. 

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