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9 Signs of a Failing Marriage

Are you worried about your marriage?

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How do you know when your marriage is over? Most people ask this question daily. Are you worried about your marriage?

There is no doubt that a failed relationship is easy to see. If you feel that your relationship is not going in the right direction but you're still confused about how whether it's over or not, you can see these signs. 

Here you find some insights and important points that will help you to determine whether your marriage is failing or not. 

9 Signs of a Failing Marriage

1. Controlling you:

Do you feel as though your partner is constantly trying to control you? They never want you to meet with your friends and family members and expect you to follow them blindly. 

2. Disrespect:

Do you feel your partner is disrespecting you, no matter it’s a private or a public place, they always try to put you down in front of others, this is a warning sign that your relationship is not going in the right direction.

If your partner tries to make you feel guilty in front of others and using the wrong words for you, it is always better to end this relationship.

3. Fighting for no reason:

Is your partner constantly fighting with you for no apparent reason? This is one of the most common signs that your relationship is in a danger.

If your partner is not ready to listen to your thoughts and is always fighting with you, then it simply means there is nothing left in your relationship.

4. Emotional abuse:

This is a very cheap trick to making you feel like you're the fool in the relationship. Sometimes they are very polite to you and then they suddenly change their behavior, all these things show that they are using you.

5. Ignoring you:

Do you feel most of the time that your partner is not giving you first priority and is totally ignoring you? When you try to talk with them, they give you illogical excuses and they never prefer to spend some time with you. They're mostly busy with their friends, etc. 

6. No communication:

Good communication is key to a successful relationship, but what do you do if there is no communication between you and your partner? Your partner never listens to you and they never try to make any effort to develop good communication with you.

If there is a huge communication gap between you both a relationship is basically useless. 

7. Criticizing you:

Your partner always criticizes you no matter what. They always blame you for all the bad things that happen in their life.

They feel angry with you all time and always ignore you. They never try to understand what you want and what problems you are facing.

8. Not spending quality time:

Do you feel that your partner is not able to spend quality time with you? When you try they always keep themself away from you. They never want you close to them or you to touch them.

You feel as though you're are not a couple, just roommates living in a house. If your partner is not showing any interest or spend quality time with you, it simply means they are busy with another person or don't have time for you. 

9. Infidelity:

Cheating is one of the most critical factors that spoil any relationship. It is always advisable to keep an eagle eye on your partner and watch them carefully.

If they try to change suddenly in their personality or looks which is not commonly expected it simply means that they are engaging with someone else and want to impress them. If you think this happens with you, it shows that your partner has an external affair and they are cheating on you.

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