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Reprogramming subconscious beliefs

What are beliefs and how much of a role they play into our day to day life? How can we change these programmed beliefs?

Bella Phillips

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“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!”-Henry Ford


Beliefs play a big role in our lives.


What are beliefs? They are reinforced thoughts accepted as truth and we operate from both, the conscious and the subconscious beliefs.


The subconscious or unconscious beliefs lie deep within the subconscious mind, having been programmed throughout our lives.

Between the ages of 0 - 7years, the brain operates in the theta brain wave, which also corresponds to the brain wave state associated with hypnosis.


You might say that along with the baby food diet, we have also been fed a diet of beliefs!


So, in the first 7 years of our lives, subconsciously, we absorb and retain everything that is being fed to us, first, by our parents, then by caregivers, siblings, teachers, and by everything and everyone in our environment.

Some of these beliefs will serve us, but some might not; beliefs such as fear, doubt, failure, or feeling unloved, undeserving, will prevent us from living a full and harmonious life.

The unconscious beliefs, by definition, are hidden from our conscious awareness; this programmed thinking however, becomes our projection and ultimately, what we manifest in our lives.


The only way to change the habits or the results in our lives, which we do not like, is to Go To The Source - Change the Beliefs.


A good way to start is to take a look at what you struggle with currently, and see if you can uncover a belief you hold as true, the programmed belief from which you operate, by asking the question:


“What would I have to believe is true for me in order to behave and act in this manner; to manifest this struggle, problem, issue?”


Once a belief is brought to light, it is no longer unconscious. From here, you can decide, whether to hold on to that particular belief, or to let go of it. Is it serving you to keep it, or not?

Some beliefs are easier to let go of than others; certain beliefs, even though understood by the logic, may require rewriting or reprogramming at the subconscious level.

One would have to access the subconscious, let go of the old belief, and replace it with a new one, because the subconscious mind works differently than the conscious mind; it learns differently.


4 Ways to access the subconscious:


1.Through repetition: persistent and consistent affirmations throughout the day, written, stated out loud, listened from a recording.


2. Subliminal messages in theta wave, which corresponds to the state of mind right before falling asleep or just before fully waking up. This can be achieved by listening to a recording of subliminal messages right before falling asleep.


3. In a meditative state, after a complete body and mind relaxation, non-verbally stating the new belief in your mind; or with a guided meditation.


4. Reprogramming beliefs - One on one guided session, or hypnosis.

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