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What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of taking a person from where they are to where they want to be in a quicker time frame.

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I describe coaching as the process which takes you from the wilderness, where you may be right now, to the promise land where you desire to be.

A coach is not necessarily an expert in the area of your goal, but a catalyst that can take you there and assist you in helping yourself through careful, analysis, questions, and encouragement. A coach can facilitate your change, learning, and next steps. ? Extraordinary coaches will see you as the person with the answer to your problems and will help you unlock the remedies. ? There are several different types of coaching and you have come to the right website if you are thinking about your career or business. ?

Is Coaching the Same as Mentoring?

No. Although a mentor also helps a person to make a change in a quicker time than it would take if they did so alone, mentors normally have experience or are experts on what the individual wishes to attain. Mentoring tends to focus on the future, while coaching focusses on the present and detangling current concerns.

What Types of Coaching is Available?

According to the Institute of Organization Development (IOD) in the USA, there are 15 types of coaching, but there are possibly more. The IOD coaching types are:

  1. Business coaching - Business coaches (like myself), come in different categories and can be tasked with anything from coaching business leaders to perform at their very best or implement new strategies in order to quadruple profits, to helping a new startup with vital administration responsibilities.
  2. One on one coaching for executives
  3. Personal/life coaching
  4. Career coaching - A career coach (like myself), assists the individual with pinpointing their career goals and taking necessary action to achieve them within a defined timescale.
  5. Group coaching
  6. Performance Coaching
  7. Newly assigned leader coaching
  8. Relationship coaching
  9. High-potential or developmental coaching - This coach (like myself) helps organisations develop the potential of individual employees who may be underperforming or have been signposted for great success.
  10. Feedback, debriefing and development coaching
  11. Targeted behavioral coaching
  12. Legacy coaching
  13. Succession coaching
  14. Presentation/communication skills coaching
  15. Team coaching

Now you know what coaching is, why not book in some time with me to discover whether I am the right coach for you or your organisation?

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Coaching is the process of taking a person from where they are to where they want to be in a quicker time frame.

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