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Life is trial and error.

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The thought or reasoning behind STFU is that in life there are going to be a lot of uncertainties, and to be real sometimes you need to STFU. I relate everything back to the gym because the gym taught me many lessons. I take these lessons and relate back to the real world and find a way to apply it in life.

In this article, STFU does not stand for what you may be thinking. From here on out it is going to stand for Standing Tall Facing Uncertainties. Going to the gym for the first time can be scary, there are a ton of uncertainties and a lot of things you don’t know. There are so many things you need to learn. What do most people do when they need to learn something or find information on a certain subject? Well, they either ask a friend or go on the Internet. I’ve been in that position before so I know what it’s like. I remember going online and reading forums and articles saying things like if you want abs you HAVE to do “this”… followed by some exercises that were apparently mandatory for abs. I remember reading things saying fitness is 70% diet 30% gym. I remember looking at all of these things that I HAD to do and writing them down in a journal, keeping a notepad and taking it to the gym. I also remember it not working. I started thinking, and it said if I want abs I HAVE to do “this”, so why isn’t it working. I struggled for a while, didn’t make any progress and wondered what I was doing wrong. I didn’t really start to make progress or move forward until I just started trying new things, doing different stuff and seeing what worked for me and kept doing it and seeing what didn’t work for me and stopped doing it. Read that again because that is so important. When it comes to the gym and working out a lot of people like to tell you what you HAVE to do. An exercise that you need to do to get X amount of results, and I think that’s complete BS. Everyone always wants to know what the secret to fitness is, what secret work out they can do to get abs or bigger arms. In reality, working out is probably one of the most simplest things ever, you literally just have to do it. Do something, anything consistently. Consistency is really the one thing that you HAVE to do. Generally, people don’t see results because they try something for a week or two then stop and wonder why they’re not progressing. Well, think of how long it took you to look the way you do. That being the case, it’s going to take a lot more than a week or two to correct that problem. The most common thing I heard when I started to workout is that you shouldn’t work out a muscle when it’s sore and that you shouldn’t work out for more than an hour. These were things people were putting in stone. Now listen, I’m not saying those are lies and you absolutely have to work out your muscles when they’re sore and your workouts should be two hours long. I remember when I started powerlifting I would squat, bench, and deadlift three times a week. Some people hear that and think that’s crazy. It’s that’s too much, you won’t grow or you won’t get results like that. On day one I would lift super light and work on my form, day two I would lift a little heavier and perform more reps, and on the last day, I would go really heavy and focus on my power. That worked for me and I saw crazy results. But just because I saw results doing that I wouldn’t tell the next person coming up that they HAVE to squat, bench, and deadlift three times a week if they want to see results. The thing is everybody is different. Everybody is going to react differently, everybody is going to grow differently, and you will not know what works and what does not work for you until you try something. Until you STFU. Before that, I was squatting, benching, and deadlifting once a week and I wasn’t really seeing the results that I knew I could get. I wasn’t satisfied with what I was getting so I changed it up. It’s all trial and error. Those are the uncertainties of the gym. If I had stuck to once a week yeah I would’ve made progress, but I went outside of the box and tried something different. If it works for you stick with it, if it doesn’t work for you, try something else. It’s really that simple. This is just the gym I am talking about, but what does this have to do with life? How do you how do I STFU in life? Well, it’s similar. Just like everyone grows different and gets results differently, everybody’s life is different. Everybody has uncertainties in life that they’ll never get the answers to until they stand up and face them. When you go through high school, college, when you get a job, get married and have a kid. At some point, you’re going to go through all of these things for the first time. Obviously, tons of people have done these things before. But is it the exact same situation as you? Some may be similar but it’s not exactly the same. The thing about life is you can prepare yourself for each of these things but you’ll never truly know what they consist of until you actually go through it. Trial and error. You are never really going to be ready for any of this because you don’t know what is going to happen. You don’t know how it is really going to go. The only way you are going to get through it is to go through it. Trial and error. Learn from your mistakes and grow. Somethings you may get an understanding quick and breeze through something on the first try and others may take 2, 3, 4, or more times before they really understand it. That’s the beautiful thing about life. The fact that everybody’s different, everybody can go through some of the same things and have totally different experiences. Next time you have a situation or a life event that you’re uncertain about just remember to STFU.

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