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How Do You Stay Motivated?

Tips on finding motivation and staying motivated.

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People ask me this question all the time. I don’t really feel like I’m always motivated, driven, or even enthusiastic. So then I ask myself, what do people see in me that I don’t see in myself what am I missing? Finding motivation really isn’t the hard part, staying motivated is where the problem lies. There are literally tons of places where you can find motivation. There are speeches on YouTube that will have you ready to run through a brick wall. motivation can come from an old photo you see a conversation you had even a commercial on TV. The place is motivation can come from are truly endless but it’s easier is to find you can just as easily feet away. No matter what the situation is whether it’s saving more money eating better or quitting smoking the motivation to do it really boils down to one thing but before we get there let’s hit a couple other points. People lose motivation and quit doing things early because they don’t have a real desire to do it and they don’t enjoy it. Think about New Year’s resolutions everybody knows when the new year rolls around people have all these resolutions that they end up quitting within the first two weeks of the month. but why is it so short-lived. New Year’s resolutions fail because they’re based on a date and not a desire. The most common New Year’s resolution is starting a workout plan. If these people really wanted to start a workout plan they wouldn’t wait for specific date to do it they were started immediately. So it’s not that they really want to work out it’s just at the first of the month is rolling around in the thing to do was make a resolution. So tip number one have a desire for whatever you’re doing. Along with that comes seeing the value in what you’re doing. How is doing this going to improve your life? Think about the pros think about how to improve your life and write it down. make a list and put a list somewhere that you see every day like the fridge or the mirror in the bathroom with the steering wheel of the car. That way instead of it just being in your head you put out into the universe and there’s some type of accountability that others can see as well. If you don’t see the value in making this change, you’re going to find a pointless and feel that the way you were living before was perfectly fine and you’ll soon revert back to it. so tip number to find the value and think how it will improve your life. So what happens when you’re all alone and you have this resolution but nobody can see you so if you don’t stick to it this one time nobody’s going to know. if you don’t convince yourself that you’re better than that and stand up to it then you’re gonna fall for anything. You have to set yourself to a new standard. So earlier when I said motivation both down to one thing is whether you truly want to do it or not and whether you’re strong enough to hold yourself to it. at the end of the day it’s up to you to improve and do what’s necessary to keep going and when that becomes solidified that that’s when you become dangerous. I stay motivated to go to the gym because I know I’m better that way I want to be the best version of myself I want to be better than yesterday I want to keep moving forward. I know what I’m capable of and I hold myself to that standard I set the bar high but I know I can reach it because deep down inside I know what I made of. If I miss a day or two just based off of pure laziness I know I’m moving backwards. and the thing is you’re not in competition with anyone else only person you’re trying to be better than us who you were yesterday. imagine moving backwards in life just because you’re lazy. Couldn’t be me. When it comes down to it that motivation has to come from within. You know what you’re capable of.

  1. Have a desire.
  2. See the value, ask how well it will improve your life, and write it down.
  3. Set yourself to a new standard.

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