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Are you truly Free?

Thoughts affect our Emotions Emotions affect our Behaviour

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 A great lesson that i keep coming back to is that our minds are the cause of all of our suffering. What we think about our current situations are what causes us pain... not the actual situation itself. Yes we may be in some deeply unfavourable situations, but the thoughts are what evoke the feelings about them.

Now this isn't just your " think positively " . 

This is the if you had the power to set yourself free of all the stress you feeling ... would you do it?

Example: You get in a car accident


A: I can't believe they hit me, what were they doing to not see me, my whole day is ruined.

B: I am glad for the insurance, I hope they are alright, maybe they have been having a stressful day.

 We have here two defferent narratives ... two completely different feelings evoked. And feelings create our actions. So next time a stressful situation happens ask yourself ... How can I change this narrative?

This is a practice , the more you use it , the stronger you will get !!

Being a victim is not fun.

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