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When do we need to get help? and how?

Boosting your energy.

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When do we need to get help?

Many of us have difficulties in our lives. When we look back, maybe we think that, what if I had gotten help sooner, I would have been so happier now. Or If I had had this belief at that time, I might have solved the problem better. 

The fact is, when we are in trouble, our energy level goes down and we are not able to make good decisions. We need some help or some support to get back to our normal energy level. In that situation, having a good friend, understanding family or a counselor would be really helpful. 

Imagine when your car is broken you go to the bodyshop or when your laptop has some issues, you get help from the expert in digital support. For our life problem, regardless of the type of issues we could get help from life coaches. Indeed, the life coach is like a friend who you need to talk about your problem freely and at the same time, you will get more useful clues about your behaviors and also some good ways to solve your issue. The more you have tools and insights, the better you can approach your difficulties.

Some good questions that I always ask my clients as a life coach ;

1. Do you prefer the feeling of Bondage or Freedom?

2. Do you prefer the feeling of Sadness or Happiness?

3. Do you prefer the feeling of  Fear or Clarity?

4. Do you prefer the feeling of Loneliness or be Loved?


In terms of having all those amazing above feelings, you only need to release your resistance. All those feelings are available to you right now. Just be aware of that by practicing those and mastering them you will change your life forever. 

And the good news is, if you decide to work on yourself and open up your time to sit with us, you will be amazed how fast and easy you will be able to change yourself and enjoy the rest of your life exactly in a way that you always desire.


Just feel free to sit in a one-on-one session with me. By working together, I would be able to guide you to clear up your mind and break your current pattern in order to build up an amazing new pattern for you.


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