Have you ever asked yourself  about  "How do you truly FEEL today"?


Then what was your answer? not bad, bored, upset, not sure...

When we don't feel good, our mind does not feel good as well. Basically, the bad feeling comes out from the negative thought, so definitely our mind is clogged by some negative thoughts. While mind is clogged, there is no more mind capacity to use for our routine work or normal life. That's why we feel upset or bored then we try to distract ourselves by hanging out with others to get some new vibrations. Despite of knowing that, this temporary laughter is not making us feel happy or productive. So we need to find a solution to open up that occlusion.


This is an amazing question that you need to ask yourself every single day and try to get the clear answer.


Let's try that for at least 10 days and see what comes up for you.


There are many great techniques out there which we can use to clear up our mind and our energy body. One of the refreshing ones is being in nature . By spending enough time in nature, you can easily release the stuck energy, the negative thoughts or even the bad day you had and simply absorbing the pure profound energy from nature.


Also, doing meditation in nature is fascinating. Even if you don't know how to meditate, by just relaxing in nature and focusing on your breath, you could be amazingly refreshed and peaceful. 


So what do you think about it? Are you ready for this weekend to touch nature?


If you are curious about other tools for decluttering your mind, just feel free to sit in a one-on-one session with me. By working together, I would be able to guide you to clear up your mind and break your current pattern in order to build up an amazing new pattern for you.