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5 Tips to live a better you now

If you feel stuck in any area of your life a here are some tip to get you unstuck.

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 5- Tips to live a better you now 
Tip 1 
Start where you are 
The first thing you want to do is take stock, if you want to start living a better you, you have to get honest and real about where you are in life right now. Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially and once you have a clear picture of where you are 
Tip 2 
Let go of the old you 
In order to start creating a new you, you have to stop beating yourself up about past failures and disappointments in your life. You have to make a determined conscious effort to focus on the road ahead and what you can do in your daily life to start improving your life no matter the position, condition or situation you are in right now. You have the power and potential to change the course of your life and destiny. 
Tip 3 
Dream, vision, goals 
You have put the past behind you, now you want to start setting goals that you can achieve daily, weekly and monthly start with simple goals that you know are attainable daily and weekly like exercise, eating healthy looking after your immediate surroundings or reading a book. Once you start achieving small goals you will grow confident and you will start developing a bigger vision and dream of yourself and your life.  
Tip 4 
Plan + build a winning mindset 
Planning is 20% of the work, having the right mindset is 80% of the work. You want to start drawing a roadmap toward your goals and dream, asses the challenges you are likely to encounter. Set action tasks and start working toward your dreams. You have to break your overall picture down into doable, 

achievable goals and actions because looking at the entire picture can be very overwhelming and most often than not that stops people dead in their tracks and nothing is ever achieved. 
Tip 5 
Now if you have come this far and you have followed the previous 4 Tips, I want you to get excited because you are already in the process of transforming your life. NOW!!! Right now is the time to take the next step and execute. You will be amazed at all you can achieve once you first get the basics right. Go through the process and learn to love the process and your execution will be phenomenal, taking your life to a level you didn’t even know is possible. 

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