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Time to stop doubting yourself, okay?

Self-doubt is a serious issue in so many lives and it's time to start being confident.

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I recently had a client who seriously doubted herself and didn’t think she had any accomplishments and she was ready to write this year off as a dud and a failure 

But it took some digging and she now finally sees her true potential! She is not the only one struggling with this. Imposter syndrome is real and even I can relate to it because I suffered from imposter syndrome for years, man my inner critic can get loud sometimes! But luckily I have learned how to turn my confidence up and the inner critic's voice down.

My self-confidence was pretty much non-existent and my self-esteem was like what’s that?!

So trust me when I say I can relate to the whole story of no self-confidence.

And that’s exactly what I am sharing with you today because I want your self-confidence to be loud and your inner critic silent. Let’s dive in shall we

Practicing positive self talk – Yep sticking a positive self-talk list on your mirror and reciting them to yourself every day and affirm baby affirm

Surround yourself with positivity- We have people in our lives who are our natural self-confidence boosters, if your inner critic is getting loud, schedule that coffee date with them and let them encourage you

Dress like you are confident – You have heard the saying dress like you already have the job, so the same goes with dressing as if you are confident. Wear whatever makes you feel like you have killer confidence so grab that dress or jumpsuit with those sexy heels and spice up the makeup

Your confidence is what makes you alluring

Consider this quote from Beyonce “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence”

Now go out there and show the world your potential because you most certainly have a lot to bring to this world.

I have faith in you and all it takes is some deeper soul searching which is the perfect thing to put on your to-do list for the festive season

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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