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How to stay positive in a toxic work environment

Toxic environments are a real thing and sometimes it's not easy to get through it Read on

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A toxic workplace is not something you want to experience, however, if you need to grin and bear it to get through it till you can move on then you need to read on.

Whether it's coworkers or the bosses making it toxic it’s not something you can block out or avoid. 

Everything went well during your application process, you aced the interviews, promoted yourself, and landed the job at a company on your wish list, everything went well until the day you got into your office and you realized what was I thinking

And now you have yourself feeling miserable and unhappy! (yikes)

What do I do? Resign immediately? Keep my mouth shut and slowly sink into a miserable state of mind? No! Never do that (speaking from experience here, )

Whether its office politics, gossip, unfair action, and unfair competition you do not have to sit back and watch your life unravel

Speak to management

If the problem is not being addressed, change cannot be implemented and things will just stay the same

Regardless of how long you have been with the company, you have the right to say something, however, make sure you have substantial proof to show that this is what is going on

I know it seems daunting to go to management alone, so if you can grab a colleague who is in agreement with you to back you up

Make sure to manage expectations with management and be armed and ready to implement it

Once the team has been made aware of the change that needs to happen, Make sure everyone is up to scratch with who needs to do what

Everyone in the team needs to communicate expectations and have a clear idea of who is supposed to do what so that there is no stepping on toes or pointing of fingers

Tackling this is no easy task, but if the company cares about saving their employees and motivating them then this is a given + someone needs to bring it to light.

Remember that you have the right to say something and the company and your team will thank you in the end.

If things don’t change consider looking for a new job or reach out to a career coach to help you smooth over things and decide what is best for you

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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