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Do You Know How To Cross Your Bridge?

Life is like a bridge, we're trusting that this bridge is going to stay stable and structurally sound and not collapse.

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Do you see all these particles moving? You just stare at them long enough on this bridge. You realize how similar these parts are to people. Each one of these little specks are individual specs, but they all come from collectively the same thing. They're all moving collectively towards the same direction. Different things might happen to them. Some might get stuck, some might sink, are all different shapes, and they're all different sizes. But they're all moving towards the same area, they're all moving with the current. Very similar to life. In fact walking on this bridge is very similar to life.

Think about your walking, you might be afraid to walk, you might see what's underneath you and think that you might fall. We're trusting that this bridge is going to stay structurally sound and not collapse. There's all these other interesting things you could trip on. You could find a loose plank within the bridge, scare the shit out of you. You could walk on an easier path. But it's not any safer. Because you're still on this bridge. You just feel like it is when you can see the bottom where you might fall, you get extra scared. But I'm still moving. I'm still walking towards the end of the bridge.

That's what's most important. I could think about if this bridge were to fall, sure, would I plummet into this water? It'll probably be freezing cold. But that doesn't necessarily mean I would die. It's pretty shallow. So I might even break my legs. But what's good of thinking like that, all I care about is getting to the end of the bridge.

There's all these messages on the bridge. All these distractions, beautiful scenery. When you look off to the side of the bridge, you can see so many different things. You can look back and see how far you've come to appreciate the fact that you're even on a bridge. What did it take to even build this bridge you find yourself depending upon right now? Other people before you built this bridge so that you could walk on it.

It's just like life. You're only here because somebody else did a lot of things you can think about while walking on a bridge. As long as you keep walking, that's what's most important. Because sooner or later, as long as you keep moving forward, you're gonna get closer and closer to your destination. You might have some hiccups along the way that might delay you. You might even want to jump off the bridge at certain times. A lot of people want to jump off the bridge. That's okay to stand up the railing here. Just think about jumping off, you have a choice, you could jump, jump right off that bridge. Or you could keep looking forward and see how much closer you are to where you wanted to be.

You have a choice. You could stop walking forward and turn backwards, moving in the opposite direction. point is you have that choice. The cool part is about a bridge. As you could go back and forth. You can do whatever you want.

Just accept that you're walking on a bridge. Why not be consciously aware of that? 

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