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Can you Discern the Difference Between the Meaning of Fulfilling and Fulfillment?

What is fulfillment? Perhaps, it's something you enjoy doing everyday of your life, but is that activity truly fulfilling?

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We are all empty vessels. Until we discover fulfillment, but fulfillment isn't fulfilling until it dervies from within. 

Fulfillment is effectively the spice of life. Every man, woman, and child on this planet is driven to seek some degree of fulfillment. We seek fulfillment in many forms, be it through friendships, sexual parterships, romantic relationships, financial success, prayer/meditation, career-driven achievements, personal fitness gains,  etc. 

Self-check: Ask yourself what sort of fulfillment do you find yourself focused on right now?

Next, ask yourself if that fulfillment was actually fulfilling. It can be as simple as "I was hungry so I ate a box of cookies." Don't worry, we've all been there. Although, it's likely that while that action was comforting to you in the moment, it most likely isn't fulfilling. You might've been stress-eating and trying to relieve yourself, temporarily, of a stressing thought through a distraction that wasn't constructive to your inner peace.  

Ask yourself if the activities you're doing are truly fulfilling to your inner peace of mind. Inner peace is the keystone between fulfillment (comforting for a very short time) and fulfilling (actively thinking on your thoughts, behaviors and eventually altering your lifestyle in a long-term and constructive manner.) 

Have you practiced focusing on your inner peace today? If not, what steps can you take to change that? How can you mentor your mind right now? It's okay to seek out a helping hand. 

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