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Know Your 80/20

The Pareto principle states that roughly 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. Do you know your 80/20?

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People listen to ideas that sound fun, sound cool, sound exciting and loud. They listen to whatever influences their emotions and something that they resonate with. They tend to not listen to things that challenge their feelings or their already made up minds. They are taught to look at whatever is in front of them without doing due diligence because they are encouraged to only listen to their emotions, which are easily manipulated in today’s world. 

In business and life, there is an 80/20 % rule. It suggests that 20% of what you focus on accounts for 80% of your productivity. Business owners and presidents know this rule very well as they understand that for every 10 problems they have that either costs them money or makes them money, only 2 of those are of highest priority because they impact the future of their business the most. They know all ten of their problems very well which allows them to choose to focus on two specific issues that they know to have influence over 80% of whether or not they remain successful and grow. 

People are not aware of their own 80/20% problems. They do not analyze their 10 problems and see which 2 have the most influence over their current situation. Businesses, media and other influential platforms love this fact and count on it. It allows them to push issues that account for 5% of people’s problems and make it seem like it accounts for 95% of their problems. This is the best way to heard people and influence their focus and priorities on issues that will have little to no effect on their future success. Because people are generally lacking critical analysis skills, they are easily manipulated by 3rd party agendas that push their emotional buttons and convince them that their problems can change with a few movements, protests and events instead of advanced change tactics, self-awareness, researching, learning and understanding how the real world works. 

Statistical influence is not measured by the average person. Trends and patterns of influence and outcomes are not concepts that are found to be attractive by the average person. And yet, experts KNOW these are vital to understanding the authentic bigger picture of why things are the way they are. How do people know that what they are doing is making a difference if they don’t study trends? How do they measure progress if they don’t even know that they should be measuring progress? How can they say with such absolute certainty that what they are doing as a “solution” is actually what those who are causing the issues in the first place want them to do because it makes no significant difference? What if you think that your way of helping is the ONLY way because that is exactly what you are supposed to think?  

Those in power would rather have you spend all the free time you have, all the energy and focus you have to immediately ACT and advocate for something that accounts for a very small percent of your situation instead of supporting and encouraging you to learn the most impact-full issues (80/20%) that account for 80% of your situation. They don’t want you to focus on learning about statistics, trends, business, social-economics, politics, self education and how to change policy or facilitate effective change over the few years. This is why the same protests have been occurring for years. This is why nothing has seemingly changed even though there have been so many of the same protests and “movements.” They know you are impatient, so they push quick and easy “solutions.”

Media loves to spread this idea that immediate change can occur simply from large protests that last a few days or weeks. They want you to become emotional and jump on the focus wave of the month instead of pushing long term education, objectivity, critical thinking and statistical analysis, skills that last for years and create long term impacts. There are manipulative cycles you are funneled into and you don’t even know it. There are processes that have been used for years to influence the masses, and you don’t even know it. They keep you angry and cloud your judgment, preventing you from ever diving deeper and looking harder into how to effectively solve the issues you don’t even realize exist. They want you to focus on the problem that makes you angry instead of the solution that is buried under education, self reflection and wisdom. 

People are impatient and want change now and so they gravitate and jump on the sexiest movement they can find because it is a convenient way to feel as though a difference is being made without having to do too much extra work or learning anything new. This is well known by influencers. They know this better than you will ever realize. They use your impatience to influence every decision you make. They use your impatience to manipulate your emotions and your focuses. They have been doing this for years. Nazi Germany perfected it and it has never really ended, it has simply been hiding in plain sight right in front of you. 

Difference is made through self-awareness, critical thinking, resourcefulness, self-education, networking, empathy and understanding how the real world works. The best way to prevent people from doing this kind of research is pretending that movements are organic and not influenced by those with more control. They want you to waste your time protesting out on the streets so that you are not self-educating yourself and learning how to defeat those in power the real way. People pay more attention to cool videos and fun movements on the internet that are getting a lot of comments. However, whenever someone tries to speak the truth, which is not sexy, not simple and not fun and has no clear answer on how to solve issues, they ignore it or pay 1/2 the amount of attention to it they would if it was a largely publicized social movement that suggests immediate change is possible just by standing outside with signs, something that has been done over and over and over again for 100s of years. 

You must also listen to those who are logical, not just those who are louder. 

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