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Online Tutoring for Maths

This article is regarding online tutoring in maths for the students of 1st to 8th grades of all boards. I will help with every problem you come across and help you excel in mathematics.

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Hello, I am Prajwal. I am a graduate of engineering in information technology from the Pune Institute of Computer Technology (University of Pune). I am very passionate about teaching maths. I had been teaching mathematics for the past three years. I had taught maths to primary as well as higher school students. Maths is my favorite subject and I like to teach maths in a fun learning way so that students don't find it difficult. Students are happy and enjoy the way I teach maths, making them clear with the concepts and fundamentally strong.

               I plan my lessons into parts that students can easily understand. I will cover each and every important problem and make sure you are able to solve the problem. One specialty I would like to mention is that after teaching you will not only learn the solution but also the main logic and concept behind the problem. Believe me, mathematics will no more be difficult and you start loving the subject.

                My hobbies are listening and playing music, daily workout as well as solving math problems in a simplified manner. I also enjoy playing football. But what I really like is helping you learn maths. I assure you that when we learn together you will not find mathematics difficult and your problems won't be a problem anymore. We shall together get it solved and learning will be fun. I hope to see you soon. Till then keep learning and love maths.

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