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Are There Problems in the Sectors after the Lockdown?

Governments must redesign the guidelines for labours to recover the forthcoming temporary problems after the Lockdown.

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Both central and state governing bodies are stepping up necessary activities for bring back actual process in all departments of the country. We known well that many small, medium and large scale manufacturing and services based industries are much affected due to absence of necessary production and other processes. Apart from that, Covid-19 epidemic has enrolled its actions against industrial sectors in collapsing health and wealth of labours. There are many professionals and labours in the industrial sector of india entitled as migrants. As very necessary step of both governments, sending back the migrants to their native location. As a result of this a visible impact is that the industries in respective states in all over the country will lose maximum or minimum number of labours which results futher investments and labour introduction less to less profit. 
After the lockdown, the strict guidelines in the manufacturing and services sector such as increased working hours, restriction to be labour on leave are some more causes which spoils futher industrial processes. Planned many family functions like marriage etc..., public meetings, social and religious ceremonies are not cancelled but stopped and will reopened after the cancellation of lockdown which creates a temporary problems in the industrial sector. This because, in india, around 1.50 lakh marriage ceremonies have been blocked which may included in the participating functions list of the labours. Hence, during the situation, a huge number of labours in the industrial and service sectors will be needed to participate or being a contributor. So, maximum or minimum number of labour shortage may comforth. Hence, both central and state governments must redesign the guidelines for labours to recover the forthcoming temporary problems in the sectors. 

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