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"Quietly Quitting"

Where do you "quietly quit?" How do you stop?

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“Quiet Quitting”

I have recently read an article about “Quiet Quitting.” It refers to something that some employees are doing in the workplace. What it means is that employees who feel as though they are being saddled with ever more work and less time to do it in, do just enough of their work to not get fired. It means discarding the idea of working hard when we are at work, striving for excellence and serving the clients to our best ability and turning out a quality work product. Even though sometimes hard work may not be compensated, the article goes on to say that it used to be a matter of pride when someone had a good work ethic. The companies hire us with the expectation that we will give it our all instead of just being passive aggressive and doing the bare minimum.

I would like to take this idea a bit further and add it to “the big picture.” I think that this idea can be generalized into every part of our lives, where the cost is higher than just losing our jobs. How many areas of your life have you “quietly quit” in? How many areas have you decided that giving all you have got in you, just is not worth the effort? Let us take a look at your private home life. In the beginning of your partnership with someone; we start out really enjoying putting effort in to making our potential partner feel special and important to us. We go out of our way and do things for them. We might write a story or a poem just for them, we might buy their favorite food or stop by their work or home just for a kiss. Everyone feels good! The person giving and the person “getting.” The person giving feels joy and happiness because the other person was appreciative, and it touched them. The person “getting” feels good because we were important enough for the other person to go out of their way for…Depending on how “old school” you and your partner are, there are different ways that each partner can show that they are interested in the other,  for example, there are roles-that are generational, and expectations for how “courting” is done. Meaning, my grandmother had different expectations for how dating went than I do (even though some of my ideas are old school) and my daughter has a different idea about it and so on.

Anyways, the idea is that in the beginning, we try hard to let our partner know that we are interested in them and that they should pick us (picture a bird strutting around showing off their feathers (both male and female). Then we get sloppy, and we might “quietly quit.” Now we are too busy to be fully present with our partner. When they tell us about their day, we might say things like “umm, mmmhmm” when we are thinking about what we want to say about OUR day! We do not “hear” them. It is not really the fault of one or the other. Like my husband has said, “I want her to remember why she picked me” and I feel the same way about him. For example, if we are going out, I take special care with my makeup and wear clothes that I know he likes on me. What is one small thing that you could do that would make a friend, lover, partner (if they are different people

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