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Nemesis Dogs

Nemesis dogs is a story that has the aim of getting "us" to pause before we react to something that may not be what it seems

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Nemesis Dogs

 I have a dog named Barney, he is a little Terrier mix ( and there's a saying that people and their dogs look alike-well that's true in our case, we both have similar "hair": blond, curly and coarse). Anyways, I walk him everyday and there are certain houses that harbor dogs he doesn't like. As far as I know there is no reason for his dislike.

 When we get close to the houses where his nemesis live, his body language and posture changes. His body stiffens, he starts to strain and pull on his leash and harness. His hair bristles and his breathing changes, he starts a low growl-from deep inside him, and gears up before he even knows if they will be out  in their yard...I wonder if there are people in your life or on the fringes of it, that cause this type of reaction in you?

 You know, those moments when our brain or a voice inside our heads says "Oh here she (or he) comes..." Your body language changes, YOU start to amp up, hold your breath or start to breathe quicker, because you just "know" what's going to happen next? I think we have all had this experience or something like it.

The thing is...we really don't know what is going to happen. It could be better or worse than we think. Our response to the nemesis or assumed threat, can actually cause what we don't want to have happen, happen. Our brains try to predict what "might" happen so it can protect our bodies. Even if the threat or the "bad" thing isn't happening in the "now"...we get ready-it's kind of a genetic throwback to dealing with uncertainty, the unknown, or what could  happen.

 The good news is that with a little work and guidance, we can change our responses. We can learn to pause. We can wait and see what is REALLY going on right now and tailor our response to THAT. So maybe we won't "bark" when there might not be something to bark about. If you would like to know more, schedule an appointment with me today and turn your growl into a tail wag!



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