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What is holding you back from achieving your full potential?

This article will give you an idea of what could possibly be holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself!

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What are limiting beliefs? 

Limiting beliefs are things that constrain us in some type of way. These beliefs can be about you, other people, or the world. Limiting beliefs can hold you back from making the best decisions, keep you blinded to present opportunities, and prevent you from uncovering or accepting your own special gifts or talents. It will appear that you are always consumed with only the negative aspects of your circumstances in life and make it hard to seek the positive.

Hardest thing about these beliefs are we may not have any idea how to identify them or may not think we have any making some limiting beliefs difficult to pinpoint.

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Limiting beliefs usually stem from childhood based on our own personal experiences and how our parents responded to us during these times rather negative or positive. 

For example bad grades are usually accompanied by punishment, and a kind gesture like leaving an apple on the teachers desk is followed by rewards. With that, a belief can be so deeply embedded that you can continue to hold on to them and actually begin believing these things which help form your core beliefs and values.

What kinds of beliefs do we have?

Beliefs can be broken down into three very distinct parts. 


They include:

  • Psychological Rules- the foundations of each of your beliefs. They probably shouldn’t be classified as beliefs, but rather as rules that support your beliefs. However, it’s important to discuss them here because they will help you to better understand the beliefs that are currently directing your decisions and actions.
  • Global Beliefs-Global beliefs are generalizations you make about things, about people, and about life. You will, for instance, believe X and you won’t believe Y. You believe X because you have made specific assumptions about X and Y that make them out to be a certain way. Global beliefs are assumptions you make that begin with:
  • “I am…”
  • “Life is…”
  • “People are…”


  • Convictions-Convictions are the strongest beliefs and are often immune to logic. They are beliefs that have the highest unwavering certainty, commitment, and dedication , Convictions are beliefs that you have built over a lifetime that have a tremendous amount of references supporting them. Each of these references supports this belief and build the foundations of your conviction. Moreover, the amount of emotion, time, energy, and thought you have invested in these beliefs over a lifetime makes them virtually indestructible.

Personal convictions are a special set of our beliefs, that determine (for you) what you believe to be right and wrong. These beliefs are very solid and usually nothing or no one can change it. It’s important to note that beliefs are not facts. 

However, deeply ingrained beliefs can indeed be mistaken as facts. These beliefs are often nothing more than conclusions you have drawn based on your childhood experiences.

If you constantly heard you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, or you’re not pretty enough you may actually start to believe and carry those things around  internalizing them.

Effects limiting beliefs have 

Once you’ve reached adulthood and carry these negative beliefs along with you it creates a rocky foundation to navigate through life. These beliefs can complicate relationships, friendships, work life, and social life. You may pass up opportunities that are right in front of you because you have made yourself believe you don’t qualify for the job. What’s even worse is when these beliefs go unrecognized and manifest for so long it’s almost irreversible.

How to overcome limiting beliefs 

 So here are 5 easy steps for overcoming limiting beliefs: 

  1. Identify the source of the belief

If you can pinpoint the belief it will become easier to eliminate it from your life. 

  1. Identify the reason for the belief and evaluate the consequences 

Ask yourself, has this belief really been beneficial to my life and where can I make changes. 

  1. Infuse the truth into your beliefs 

Find things that are facts to support what you believe instead of relying on your own opinions. 

  1. Adopt NEW and EMPOWERING beliefs 

These beliefs should cancel out those old beliefs! Turn these new beliefs into a new habit. 

  1. Strengthen your beliefs 

Make those beliefs strong enough to stand on them

Don't let those negative beliefs limit you anymore! 


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