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Mindfulness mantras

My mindfulness mantras

Shivani Patel

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It feels so good to be with all of you once again. All of you have now become not only a part of my tribe, my family on this platform but also an important part of my daily life. It’s like talking to a best friend every day, when life gets busy & I could not spare time to connect with you all I feel like something missing! 

We all know life is too fast sometimes, it’s the times of multitasking, we all are ruining in an invisible race every day with our own selves. We want to be better every day, we want to create a better experience for ourselves everyday, we want to overtake our own abilities to accomplish things every day but guys we don’t realise that we are only running towards our own graves.

I don’t want to scare all of you or be negative about the progress but I firmly believe that it’s very important to take time out from busy schedules to slow down & smell the coffee.

How much do we crave the stillness of the moment on a pleasant day at a peaceful  morning with a cup of coffee & just our selves! ahhh too much ..??

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Shivani Patel

Life Coach

140 $ / session

  • 23 Publications
  • 221 found this helpful

If only we could slow down, if only we could have less things on our plates, 

Here I want to remind you all that we all have a choice we can choose to create a better reality a better experience for our selves, we are not answerable to anyone but to our own selves to be better version of ourselves and in order to achieve this, I practice mindfulness, so today I want to share with you all what I do to slowdown and be mindful every day 

So are you all ready? 

let’s begin,

No 1 

Practicing mindful breathing, pay attention to each and every breath you inhale and exhale, try to expand your lungs as much as possible, start with, when ever you remember to observe your breath do so and slowly it will become a habit. The more oxygen will flow though your body the more active your mind will be and provide efficiency.

No 2 

Mindful first five minutes of the day,

When you wake up try to avoid rushing straight into your day and avoid using any screens for fist few hours in the morning after you wake up,

Concentrate and contemplate your day ahead by staying for five mindful minits in bed first thing in the morning & to allow yourself that time, plan your sleeping and waking up time according, try to stick to the schedule as much as possible.

No 3 

Accommodate at least 15minits of physical outlet of your energy, may it be walk in parks, dusting or moping, exercising, lunchtime strolls, Dancing, skipping, doing yoga, running, hiking any possible activity, playing with pets or kids, screaming..”but only if you have an adequately insulated room that is” :)

This will release all pantup energy from your body and will allow improved blood circulation.

No 4 

Mindful eating, 

Avoid any screes and electronic devices while eating, purely concentrate on your food, taste smell & feel the texture of your food, use all of your five senses to experience and enjoy your food. This will not only improve digestion but also increase nutrition levels.

No 5 

Mindful last five minutes of the day,

Before going to the bed reflect on your day and let go of any stress, relax your body & mind as much as possible, listen to the calming music if you like, surrender all your concerns & worries and replace it with 3 things you felt grateful about during the day.

I hope this will help you all to stay powerfully present in the moment here and now.

Stay mindful, enjoy your days, be powerfully present, slow down and Smell the roses.

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