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How to motivate yourself to find your life purpose:

How to motivate yourself to find your life purpose:

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Dear readers and co-travellers,

Today I feel guided to share my personal experience and share with you all my journey to finding my life purpose. How I was guided to become a life coach.

(Now story telling and narrating is not the area I possess a great strength and confidence in, so I humbly invite your comments, feedbacks, guidance and experience on how my efforts may have helped you in your own life.)

So let us look back a little to start with,

As an only child my upbringing was always over protective and instructed from start till later in the journey. I was a brilliant child of brilliant parents,  but when parents have set the morals so high sometimes it puts tremendous pressure on a child to reach up to the mark in his/her own mind and it is quite natural for them to tumble at a point, so did I but thankfully I had a tendency of always moving forward and not looking too much in the rear view mirror, although it can be disasters while driving, in my life journey this habit has mostly helped me rather than harming.

Than comes “society”

  • Society says it’s important for a person to behave in a certain manner. 
  • Society says it’s important to have a degree.
  • Society says it’s important to be self reliant.
  • Society says it’s important to get married at a certain age.
  • Society says it’s important to have kids while you still can and then there generally comes a time in every woman’s life When “If she takes care of her family more than herself she becomes selfish, over ambitious, careless and if she care for herself more than her family she becomes unimportant, lazy, not enough kind of a person in her own mind.

Hope many will resonate with me up until this point, but trust me this is not the point of braking down, In fact this actually is a point which inspires greatest growth 

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Because at this point all the answers starts flowing in, all the tug of war becomes part of the process, if you use it correctly and let the process navigate you to your end destination, your goal, your life purpose.

Image of a compass

This is the time where you can find your values. Remember & Recognise things, people & emotions you have always given importance to in your entire journey. 

When I reflected on that and got to the root, for me it always was “helping others”, I had always put others before me, I would do everything in my control to give to others, at times go out of my way in doing so, this might sound like not a very good quality to have for some but it all depends on the way you use it for your own growth, because everything is neutral it’s the way you look at things makes it good or bad and it’s not the fact that your values or your qualities are good or bad that matters, what matters is how much they are important to you, it depends on the fact that at least you have managed to narrow down the most important thing for you by now, Because trust me what you do, won’t make you happy, how you do it, won’t make you happy, what will make you happy, fulfilled and content is the way you feel while doing something and that feeling will only be recognised when you know “what is the most important thing for you”.

These are called your core values and when you will start taking decisions based on your core values that’s when you will be most content and happy, that is the full circle of a journey, you cannot start from anywhere, you can not leave it from anywhere you will have to embrace whole of it to complete it and reach your destination which is endless joy. 


  1. Keep moving 
  2. Do what feels right 
  3. Trust the journey 
  4. Find the endless joy 

Hope this helped.

I wish you all endless JOY. 


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