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8 ideas to eliminate envy

8 ideas to eliminate envy

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8 ideas to eliminate envy

If someone is coping you, consider that at least you have something to be copied.    

 If you think that someone is copying you, your ideas, your style or anything that you consider as your strength, than instead of getting annoyed with it, be proud that you have something that others like or want to copy or want to create same experience for themselves. 

Classify yourself as an inspiration.    

If someone gets more opportunities than you, know that your time to shine is different then theirs.                               

Remember that sun and moon both shine at different times, similarly in every person’s life there always comes a time for them to shine bright and be radiant and uniquely beautiful. So replace despair with motivation and courage by any possible way you can, and start putting even more efforts in polishing yourself because you are not a coal, you are a diamond in making.

If you desire their life, stop and assess your values first.                       

Remember Everything that shine is not gold. In the age of social media platforms and projections of a fairytale lifestyles in virtual ways, know that what you see is not always true. You don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors, What are the true stories behind pictures, so try to stay in the awareness of the present moment.

If you’re feeling lack, practice gratitude.                                       

When you have 100 reasons to feel lack find 1000 reasons to feel grateful. Start with considering yourself lucky for being in the wake up list this morning, as many gets checked out everyday. Live the day as if it’s a brand new beginning for the rest of your life and forgive everyone including yourself before going to sleep every-night just in case ... 

If you want to receive something, start giving.                                    

What ever you give returns to you in 100 folds so start giving according to your capacity, don’t wait for you to have enough, start right now with whatever you can and have to give others without wanting a return or having an expectation because you can’t have a see in the spoon. (comment if you want to know a story behind what I mean by see in the spoon)

Stop asking and wanting, start earning instead.                                 

Do you ever get annoyed with a bagger on the road side!? who is healthy enough to earn his or her own living? Remember that feeling and don’t become like a one, who gives the same feeling to the god,the creator, the universe or what ever higher power you believe in. Don’t demand deserve.

Indulge in self care and self healing when you feel stuck and stagnant or it seems like nothing else is working.                  

Body is a temple & so is your home, your soul lives in your body & your body lives in your home, so keep both of them clean. Clear the clutter regularly, May it be energetically, physically mentally or materialistically. Make more room. Creat a space for what ever you are trying to manifest. Be ready for it’s arrival. 

Don’t wait, keep moving forward but every now and than look back and take time to appreciate where you have reached so far and what you have achieved.   

Keep an eye on your targeted intension but don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the journey  because once you will reach the destination, the journey will be missed, the moments created will be remembered and kept in the photo albums and the ups and downs will be weaved in the stories, I am sure you want to create an interesting story with happy ever afters rather then sad or stressful ones for your grand children so take time outs regularly, Rest & reflect.      

Be at peace with your past present and future.


7 members found this to be effective.

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