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5 keys to unlock inner peace / happiness

5 keys to unlock inner peace / happiness

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When you do not accept the situation you invite struggles within  it. When you put down your orz and let the current take you towards its corse than you feel more relaxed. When you are at peace, you are happier.


Judgement is another culprit which takes away your sanity and keeps you stuck in the struggle. Replace  judgement with compassion. Know, understand and accept that everyone’s journey is different, everyone’s life lessons are different. 

Forgiveness/Letting go

Be empathetic towards everyone but also accept that if you don’t understand their perspective and if they don’t understand your point of view that is okay too. Agree on the fact that there are disagreements and if anything drags you down or keeps you in toxic situations than don’t be afraid to release things or people or situations Because everyone and everything has its own purpose towards you and once the lesson is being learned it’s okay to let things go.

Self love 

Never forget to spend time with yourself. Remember you need to have your cup full first to be able to give to others. Do things for yourself every now and than. Take yourselves out on dates spend some time doing what you truly like to do without depending on others. Spend some time in silence, meditate. Enjoy your own company.


Be joyful, Do anything and everything which makes you happy,  Do things that bring smile on your face.Give genuine complements to strangers, Read books, Spend time with elders, Stay grounded be in nature often, Observe birds, play with children, Sing, dance, write poems, bring your creative side out any way you can, Indulge in soulful music.

Think happy thoughts, Feel happy, Be happy, Stay happy & spread happiness.


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