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Is Detachment for everyone?!

Reasons why I believe everyone should practice detachment.

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Is detachment for everyone? 

Why do one need to be practicing meditation to feel detached from oneself? After all we are all here to experience life and without complete involvement how can one experience it fully? Someone asked and quite valid too. 

I believe there is a hair line difference in involvement and attachment. For example your hands are attached to your physical body but the tasks you are doing with the use of your hands are something you are involved in and the trouble starts when one starts believing that the tasks those are done by hands are hands themselves. 

When you enter a cinema hall, why all the lights are turned off ?! So that the viewer can be free from all the outside distractions and can concentrate on the big screen and the fine details of surround sound to enjoy the experience entirely by being present only in the plot of the story for the time being but if a particular viewer gets attached to a specific character of the story even after coming out of a movie theatre and starts to identify himself/herself as that character that’s when everyone knows that the person needs a “psychiatrist”. Similarly in a bigger picture we are only performing a small part in this lifetime on this planet but we need to remember that this is not our identity and that is the reason everyone needs to practice detachment.  

If you are employed to do a job and if you attach your identity to that job that is when all the drama starts but if you just perform the task with full involvement thinking this is something what is right for me to do in the present moment without having past perceptions or anticipation of future outcomes than that becomes true detachment. If you are attached with a profession you will never be able to retire from that label but if you are only involved in a profession retirement would be part of the experience and this process would take a whole new perspective of living life. 

Similarly detachment is necessary in all areas of life because the more you are attached and entangled in your current incarnation more difficult it will be to gather your soul fragments and transform into the new energy with an intension of learning new lessons attachment will keep you in the same loop and will keep repeating it in to your 3d reality again and again where as involvement will keep you fully engaged and powerfully present in here and now to give you complete concentration in learning the lessons and conclude them with firm knowledge and trust giving you freedom not having to repeat the cycles and eventually lead you towards the liberation similar to an educational institution where you level up every year when you pass the certain grades to eventually get graduated from the entire curriculum of chosen subjects. 

Hope this has helped and will guide all of you towards your graduation day. I wish you all endless joy. 



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