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How to handle Grief

If you’re grieving a loss of a loved-one they want you to show kindness towards yourself.

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How to handle Grief

First and foremost, consider the fact that you can never overcome a grief, all you can do is handle it with awareness so that you can reduce the extreme effects it can cause on you. Grief never ends it changes it’s form, remember when you successfully control your emotions and effectively engage normally in day to day life than even that has its own pain too. It can arrive as gently as happy memories or as harshly as a nightmare. 

Sometimes it caresses you soothingly and sometimes it can give you pain of thousand needles piercing your body at the same time. 

Remind yourself that just because you behave normally or some one thinks you should be over it or you think it’s high time for you to get over your grief doesn’t mean the thoughts the pain the emotions are not present. Grief has layers like an onion and when the layers are pealed of it can make your eyes filled with the tears of sadness, although that doesn’t mean you are week it just means you are passing though a phase an episode of grief. 

There is nothing to pin point as external or internal factor in particular to trigger those episodes within you literally anything or anyone can remind you of a person you have lost and can send you on a downward spiral. One doesn’t need to be strong or mature to handle it actually the first step is to accept it as it is. 

Forgive others for not understanding your situation. 

Find yourself a feel good place to cocoon yourself during those episodes where you can be comfortable expressing and embracing your grief. If you can meditate on your thoughts and observe them as a spectator that will connect you to higher consciousness and will let you feel the oneness and universal love, because remember grief basically is a form of love, all the love you could have expressed or you could not express takes the form of grief therefore once you tap into universal consciousness you will be able to feel the love and on the next step you will be able to give and receive Love freely and that will help you transmute the pain effectively.

Don’t try to comfort yourself by harmful substances or temporary fixes, even when you think pain is unbearable because this method will only make the process harder. Do not attach your self to a possession or person as a comfort cushion because that actually is not helping you to experience grief fully but it’s just storing it in a different form and once that will be gone it will only double the amount of pain if you actually want to process it you need to feel it fully otherwise it can get stored and create blocks on your energy field and manifest in the form of disease. 

In some form Grief stays with you forever in some form you need to choose you need to choose how to let it share the space within you as a flower to help you heal or as a weed you want to kill. 

I hope this has helped 

Wishing you all endless joy 



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