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The Strange moment

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I am a stranger learning to love the strangers around me.

I love it when strangers smile at me and I smile back, and we have that nice strange smiling moment.

Have you ever tried it?! 

If not give it a try because sometimes those kind of little moments become memories, shinning like the sun upon us for days to come or sometimes stays with us for the entire life & beyond because strangers are just friends waiting to happen and souls know not faces but just the vibrations.

Today I want to share here a similar moment with a stranger I met at the airport. 

We both had a mask on our faces ‘for obvious reason’ and we both were in rush, I was in rush because I was nearly home and I am not entirely sure but I believe he was in rush because of excitement.. the enthusiasm of a young person starting to unfold a new chapter of his life was apparent in his body language. 

He asked a question which led to a full blown conversation, thankfully I was just being me ‘mindful & present’ in-spite of rush, unaware of his observations and sensitivity towards my actions. 

Later I came to know the reason of his attentiveness to the moment, actually a writer inside of him was noticing minutely the world around him and I unknowingly became part of his experience.. 

I am glad I contributed to make his new beginning a pleasant one.. and I know this because he just shared this with me “a piece of his writing, a piece of his heart, a piece  of his expression”

I have titled it as ‘oasis’ Because it most definitely has impacted me in a similar way:

(Attachment below)

I felt honoured that I was able to reflect the love I have always received in abundance from the universe and reciprocated it back on being presented with an opportunity.

With a very grateful heart I would like to Remind you all that our reality is not something readymade we create it ourselves with our own thoughts. 

So one should never feel alone, never hesitate in initiating conversations, never feel ashamed to seek help, because universe is always as ready & willing to play with us as we are. 

When we ask, we receive and to me that’s a fact proven by an experience. 

As Our thoughts creates our own reality, if we think happy thoughts we stay happy forever. 

Yes it’s possible that Sometimes we don’t like what we see but, we see what we are, so when we are triggered, instead of getting upset about it, we need to try and find out what the situation is trying to teach us because the earlier we figure it out and learn the lesson it’s trying to teach us the sooner discomfort it’s causing will disappear from our reality. By working on ourselves constructively & by being mindfully present in the moment we can most definitely change our lives and of others for better, and this is not a parting message, it’s just a beginning. 

Wishing you all endless joy.

Keep smiling. 


(Note to my oases: blessed are those who see beauty in humble places where others see nothing, stay blessed, stay YOU.)

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