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There is a reason behind it all.

There are no coincidences, everything is divinely orchestrated.

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Recently got a chance to channel an answer to the question of a friend who is a part of energetic twin couple, I Thought to post it here, may not resonate with everyone but for those whoever can be benefited.

Why physical separation happens in twin flames:

This kind of a life journey is designed within a web of universe for souls desiring fast track ascension to union consciousness and thus becomes spiritual in nature where souls descends on physical plains of duality as energetic twins with an invisible bond (like umbilical cord or very well known as red thread bond) of eternal love and with an individual as well as joint mission to raise the vibration of humanity towards love. ( May it be as Light workers, star seeds, spiritual teachers and/or the medium for similar souls of their soul tribe to be able incarnate ) for this purpose physical body needs to be a clear vessel for higher consciousness to be grounded fully in physical form but when the connection is eternal and the eternal divinity is not yet being fully reflected in physical form (due to required healing from all the built up of accumulated experiences from eternity which keeps a twin couple stuck in separation conciseness towards their true self and deprives them from their true nature of union consciousness and one divine love) within one or both entities Then physical togetherness  of the entities becomes more like a manipulation of eternal connection for materialistic gains rather than coming together in union for joint spiritual mission and for the Devine beings it’s completely unacceptable and does not serve the actual purpose of the pre designed and executed Devine journey on earthly realms so then ( after they come together once and recognise the areas of modification ) the higher selves of the couple direct them to take a detour away form each other in which ever direction and for required duration in order to clear the obstacles to remove all this rust and dust where it can be washed and cleaned properly by other experience to realise the fact that the experience accumulated or the belief formed was untrue so that the lower vibrations can be replaced with higher frequency and ground the higher consciousness whine the physical plains to help regain the clarity of goal to reach the ultimate truth of union with one Devine love and the process repeats itself until the final outcome is achieved which is union consciousness.

At times these de tour requires them to recreate and revisit the false experiences to learn the lesson of integrity and righteousness once again which in physical realty seems ugly or unpleasant for the one observing or in light of the fact but yet unawakened fully to the truth of the journey. 

The lessons of the dark cannot be learned near the light and that is the main reason for separation in divine twin couple. 

This separation may get painful to the point of braking down all that is built on the shaky foundation in order to reconstruct the solid structure from the scratch and this process can be lengthy and can take time so patience is the key to open this rusty lock of waiting,

Awareness is the password to over come the illusion and surrender is a way forward to union. 

Hope this helped 


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