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Navigate through difficult Decisions

Decide in faith not fear

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Some times in life we reach at crossroads where decision making becomes extremely difficult, on onside there are emotions where as on the other end there is a logic & practicalities, in this circumstances if we just rely on our intuition or think that I have faith that everything will be well and as per Devine will and I don’t need to do anything or everything will be as per destiny and I do not have to express my opinion or display any actions or take a stand from my end, than that is not a righteous way to deal with the problems, because Devine will is always based on the choices we make, we reap what we saw, and non action is also a choice so the best way is balance, just like stillness of water let’s all the impurities settle down at the bottom similarly balance eliminates all the negativity. 

When we are at an authoritative or deciding position in our life and when we find ourselves juggling between emotions and logic, the most important thing in that situation is to establish balance, we need to create our own balanced state of mind which is separate from what others are thinking or believing and gain clarity on what is the righteous thing to do in that particular moment of time with consideration of the future consequences of our current actions & it needs to be free from our ego and past experiences. Making decisions to follow your vibrations even when those around you advise the contrary, takes a lot of courage and deep commitment. Magic powers do consists in true faith but true faith rests in spiritual knowledge, true faith can not exist without true knowledge that no one is coming to save us, the way we want to create our life is 100% our own responsibility. The divine is just the witness of all, so remain still and quite even during intense turbulence by taking the deep breath and quieting the mind, let the peaceful calm Take over and than take an action. 

We always need to keep in mind that there is a fine line between faith and fear. Fear based decisions can never bring prosperity, faith is good only when you have demonstrated righteousness actions on the given time, god also helps people who help them selves, who always display courage to take justified actions and stay in balanced mental state of mind, anything in excessive amount is toxic, too many emotions can become a symbol of weakness similarly too much of logic also can lead a person towards stubbornness and arrogance, justice only gets served when there is a good balance between the two. All we need to do is perform a balanced, justified & righteous action and than surrender the outcome, rest assured you will magnetically attract what you deserve & it will come to you at the perfect time. 

I wish you all endless joy.

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