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Forgiveness is for you not for others

Forgiveness is for you not for others

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This year in October Mercury is entering Scorpio & this season is all about placing an emphasis on expressing the deep rooted emotions we may have been skipping past. While mercury in libra asked us to stand our ground & speak about our truth, Mercury in Scorpio ask us to go to the depth of our being, face our shadow side and find ways to tap into the powers that may lay dormant inside of us. It is telling us not to be afraid of dark but to Appreciate it, Not only to love our lights but also to Embrace our shadows.

It is now Time for complete integration of wholeness. Our shadow side isn’t meant to be ignored. It’s there to be understood, accepted, loved, healed, honoured & released. 

So while Normally, I post general advice for all, this month I am guided to share an answer to a specific question instead, which was bothering me since a while now, being a scorpion myself and as charity begins from home, I trust that all out there would probably will resonate with & be benefited by this advice in the month of October.


My question to myself was what do I  need to work on this month:


Forgiveness is coming out as an answer intuitively,


It’s been said that scorpions are very revengeful & no one can escape scorpion’s sting because scorpions normally have hard time to forgive people but in actual fact “an untrampled scorpion troubles no one” normally, so it’s important to learn that when ever & what ever bitterness comes out of us, it is there because of the energetic wounds of past which are in need to be looked after, all the triggering experiences are always there to serve us & help us achieve healing for our highest good, the best analogy I can use here is one of flowers, even when they are crushed they give nothing but fragrance because that’s what lies inside of them. Similarly to the oranges when we squeeze orange only orange juice can come out not an apple juice or a pineapple juice because that’s not what’s inside of an orange, so in the school of life if we are crushed or squeezed and if the bitterness comes out of us than at that point of time it’s becomes very crucial for us to be able to recognise and remember that triggering situations are not for hurting us in actual fact our life’s experiences are designed and handpicked for healing us, we need to fill and in-fact stuff ourselves with so much love that only love can come out when we are crushed or squeezed because love conquers all, so what we need to work on is forgiveness, we need to learn to forgive people who have hurt us in the past because they were our soulmates working with us to achieve our highest and greatest good and trying to make us understand the important life-lesson of forgiveness, 


Though there is a fine line between forgiveness and being treated like a dormant. Forgiveness is not about accepting or criticising bad or immoral behaviour or belittling the pain or hurt it has caused it simply is a commitment to stop telling a same old story to ourselves so that we do not carry forward it’s burden anymore and while we need to learn to set boundaries and show people how to treat us, at the same time we need to release the grudge and resentment towards others as well, because anger is like a burning coal we hold on in our hands, it only burns ourselves not others, the longer we hold on to it the deeper the wound gets causing more and more pain within us and These energetic wounds can get so deeply routed in to our psyche that it can even show up in our reality in the form of life threatening diseases like cancer so in order to avoid these painful illnesses & to prevent their growth from the very roots, at some point we have to learn to let it go by ourselves without any external force applied, which means, we need to change the story we keep telling ourselves, we need to find closers for any situation within ourselves, we need to learn to find peace with all the circumstances and learn to accept the apologies which were never made, we need to learn to move on and find our own happiness not for others or not for anyone else but for our own highest and greatest good.


I hope this will help, I wish you all endless joy.

Have a great month ahead. 


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