Nov 23, 2020 in Life Coaching

No pain no gain!

Outside the comfort zone there is growth

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Some times in life we all feel wounded, we find it hard to move on when we experience delays in manifesting our dreams, when plans being cancelled and nothing seems to be going right, when we feel hurt and let down by people and everything seems to be taking a long period of time to happen it becomes very challenging to stay calm & keep our sanity, our faith being tested and the confidence being shaken, we start moaning about everything going wrong or being unjust, we start doubting about the existence of the higher power and it’s capacity to resolve things in a balanced manner. It seems to be impossible to go on any longer it’s very important to breath and find support for the moment, 

We need to step back and count our blessings, it’s very important to hold on for little longer and be grateful for what we have and achieved so far because the night always feel little darker just before the dawn so insisted of giving up and fearing the future we need to divert our energy to holding on to this moment and being grateful for our blessings because the energy flows where your attention goes, if you will feed your fears and insecurities life will show you more of those experience and emotions in your future but if you will pay more attention to your blessings more blessings will flow towards you. 

Positive mindset will direct us towards a passionate new beginning & a fresh new start. It will lead to success and stability because when one door closes it always opens another one for a new opportunity. It always feels hard to let go of things which we believe belongs to us or is a part of our identity but we need to remember that if our hands won’t be empty, how will we be capable of receiving bigger and better things going forward because when thing is being taken from us it always gets replaced by things more suitable for our learning and growth. The only things constant in this universe is change everything else is temporary, so we should never be afraid of change no matter how painful it seems, because pain is the beginning of growth, in autumn trees lose all their leaves only to grow new ones in the spring, when the seed is being planted under the earth it goes through lot of pain in order to become a grand tree in the future, a caterpillar needs to go through a very painful transformation to be able to convert into a beautiful butterfly in order to birth a new life a mother has to go through tremendous amount of pain, so pain is an unavoidable part of growth and growth is unavoidable part of evolution and we all are here to grow and evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so hold on a little longer better days are on the horizon. 

I wish you all endless joy.


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