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Be ok to walk away

Sometimes walking away is love

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When we offer our love or affection to someone or we invest so much in a relationship Sometimes our Humanism causes us to react in an - I want it, and I want it now kind of a way, in such circumstances if we practice pause or just slow down enough to look at the big picture than that can help us find peace and a knowing which already lies within us. 

For example In relationships that needs to be repaired, Remember - just because we have the ability to forgive and move past something does not mean the other person is yet secured enough for that.

In the situation of intolerance when someone is lacking a bit in maturity or intelligence and we would like to burn the bridges,Remember- It takes a long time to build a bridge or may be that bridge can actually be a path to lead us to the place we meant to reach.

In the desire of revenge against someone who hurt you and you know you could bring them completely to their knees if you chose to,Remember- Revenge never brings good results. It’s much better to let karma take it's course instead and realize that typically, people who hurt others intentionally are very hurt & weak inside and their reaction is a trauma response, it takes lot of strength to understand what it is to be gentle and loving.

In the desires of gaining a material thing,Remember- Things are never going to make you any better or more secure inside. 

In a situation of - what we want most vs what we want now. Remember- Whatever it meant for us will never pass us by & if we miss a chance to get it that means it was never meant for us or simply we are not ready to receive it just yet. Gods rejection is Either a protection or redirection towards something better. 

People do fail people, and if we expect to be in any type of relationship or situation which do not have problems or challenges than we are not desiring a relationship but we are desiring a perfect deal that doesn't exist!. 

Where as on the other hand sometimes We lose sight of our intention and become defensive if we don't take time to slow down and direct our mind to be loving, compassionate and have the intention to care for the person we are in a relationship with & Sometimes Our survival instincts, Defence mechanism & Insecurities can ruin our relationships because we try to impress the other person or become unloving because our ego is trying to prove that we are worthy of love. In such circumstances, Instead of thinking about ourselves and what we can get from another person, we need to see the soul of the other person by opening our intuitive knowing. This allows us to move above the insecure identity we project onto our partner so we can love both ourself and them unconditionally as well as put our mind in a place of kindness and being caring instead of being greedy.

So often times we need to be ok to walk away from the places we don’t belong, from where we are not welcome and from where our feelings are disrespected,  without any regrets or guilt because that’s also is an act of kindness & unconditional love 

So Be ok to go ahead and fill your own cup. Stand your ground and defend your self belief, stick to your perspective & personality, embrace and accept it wholeheartedly because it’s very important to have equal exchange in relationships and once you will fill your own cup, once you will work on your self love your tribe will appear you will feel loved welcomed & respected, You will feel belonging and there will be balance and equal give and take in your relationships, may it be romantic professional or spiritual so do not dim to fit in, shine your light and let go of people who are blinded by your light, simply because they are not evolved enough to see through your personality and do not serve any purpose in your growth and development. If people are triggering you, protect your self, learn the lesson, heal yourself and move on because you are deserving to be accepted as you are, not to be criticised, not to be belittled, not to be looked down up on, diversity is acceptable but do not let love be the reason to tolerate disrespect. 

Always choose your self and the right people will choose you.

When you vibrate on a hire level do not come down to lift people up because it’s not your job to save people, people needs to save themselves, all you need to do is keep doing you, keep shining your light brightly and let people come and meet you at your level because firm foundation of a strong and long lasting relationships can only be built with balance & equal exchanges. 

Have a great month ahead. NAMASTE

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