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How to deal with Triggers

Recognise and release your trigger infused behaviour.

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Fist things first, it is so important that you vibrate on a level that at least you can recognise what triggers you, and you realise what triggers you is there for a reason. What triggers you always heals you because it brings something out on the surface which was already within you for healing. 


Second thing is until you figure out the fix for your reoccurring trigger moments allow yourself to react to them but with a mindful approach, practice powerful presence and notice how you are reacting within that moment. Identify a pattern of your reaction to your triggers may it be fear, anger, frustration or a guilt. Once you notice & identify the pattern move one step forward, whenever you get triggered then after with a same trigger, pause and respond rather than reacting in accordance to your normal coping mechanism & reflex action in that circumstances. 


Every time when you get a spiked reactionremind yourself that you know better, what you are going through is just one of your triggers and you do not need to react but what you need to do instead is pause and respond, by practicing this constantly responding will become your natural way of tackling the triggers rather than reacting and taking quick unintended actions. 

Rest and rejuvenate:

When you are practicing to respond and not to react be ready to take it slow and deal with one trigger at a time, stay kind and gentle towards your inner child while taking these baby steps, be patient, allow yourself time and space to cultivate this behaviour as a habit, do not judge or be over critical about yourself, don’t engage in self sabotaging negative self talk, affirm to yourself that you are doing great and you have got this, practice will make you perfecting the act. If you struggle to practice pause & respond method on certain occasions affirm that it’s okay to make mistakes while learning and take time out for rejuvenating yourself, do something which makes you feel better do what needs to be done to calm yourself down. 


When you are calm start reflecting on what happened, what intensified your reaction, think about other factors surrounding the situation, evaluate collaborative effects of multiple triggers affecting your mental state and reaction on the given point of time and how to identify and separate them in future to reduce the probability of the situation and powerful impact of the action. 


Reconcile with your inner child, that will help you identify the root cause of you triggers, fulfil the need of your inner child and keep him/her happy, you can make your inner child feeling safe and protected by  reparenting him/her. Practice self love affirmations to make your inner child feel important and loved. 


Remove negatively, Reduce self criticism, Reform your beliefs, Reinstall and reinforce your self worth, Reject or at least restrict low vibrational energies from entering your environment, Release the past, Replace 'fear with courage; hate with love; and despair with joy', Review your thought patterns, Remember to snap out from your past or future and return to the current moment to rejoice in the present, Reunite with your inner child and reward him/her for the work well done, 

Rekindle the joy within.


Note: All my article are now available as a podcast “I-effect”.

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