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Cuddle through communication

Importance of clear communication

Shivani Patel

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I recently conducted a poll on my Facebook and instagram pages regarding a communication patterns 

As much as we all want our friends families loved ones and even on some occasion our kids to be with us all the time we never know when life take a turn and Direct us in a different route to where we were going and with whom we were travelling, right.. ?!

In my opinion there is a very appropriate analogy for life compared with a train.

We travel every day with our co travels, some we like, some we dislike; some we smile at, some we don’t even notice; some we treasure, some we judge; Some of them have unknown pull & familiarity, while others we want to avoid at all cost but we never know when their stops are arriving and they will have to leave the train, These stops can be in form of anything like change of cities, jobs, relationships, death or any other life changing circumstances but when it come to communication and keeping a distant relationship the opinion of people differ.

Some find that slowly communication fades away just to never get restored again while as others say, no matter how long we go without communication it always remains same whenever we get back together. 

I want to express what I feel for this matter & Here is my take on this

I think The situation always depends on the way we said goodbyes! 

If we have accepted life as a journey and allowed people to choose their own paths or routs of travel freely and wished them happiness, may it be with or without us included in their journeys, It becomes easier for us to let go, at that particular moment and all the time after that while we are away from them, we then keep thinking about all the happy moments we all had spent together in the past & this in return gives us a same spark to rekindle the warm flame of love to ignite when we reunite with them again. 

Where as on other hand if we were negative about situations & people who choose freedom to take a detour away from us may it be because we think of their selfishness or because of due to our own unhealthy attachment towards the person and situation, than that feeling in return rejects & repel the change in both of our lives, we keep thinking this scenario as a betrayal of some kind and betrayal being a low vibrational energy within itself lets us stay stuck into everything we think they did unfairly or unjustly towards us or in general, on top of this sometimes social media plays a very big roll of making one feel left out in the cold from a persons life because it’s an easier & convenient way of broadcasting the information to all in general rather then a personalised conversation, eventually this gap creates the problems which never even existed in the first place, our own wounds and traumas starts resurfacing and projecting themselves onto us & it take it’s toll on the strength of the relationship. In long run this weakens the bound between the two people and their relationship, on this reality, and for those who believe in reincarnation “yes” the pattern continues for life times after lifetimes if we don’t resolve the issue.

So in my opinion the issue is not lack of communication but the issue is lack of “clear communication”, it’s the lack of clear ways of expression and lack of patience with each-other.. inshort lack of communication is not a problem but the room of assumption we leave is!

To resolve this Lack of understanding of one’s situation from their points of views, we need “empathy” and to resolve lack of acceptance of their choices & allow freedom we need “companion”. These two are the best tools we can use to come out of this unpleasant situation because remember, what ever we do, we cannot restrict once freedom of choice. We have to give people time and space to grow and let them come to their own conclusions, we have to let them find their own solutions before we forcefully apply our own solutions to them because the derived solutions have more and longer lasting impacts rathe than solutions given of the problem readymade.

This process is lengthy & To help though this long winded process of accession and accepting change, on top of being clear communicator and companionate listener, one thing we definitely can & need to do is , always alway say nice, happy, warm goodbyes. Never let a person leave without saying a warm goodbye and letting them know how much they are loved, even when the goodbye is just for few hours and keep thinking of good time spent together after while they are away because communication is not always tangible, the energetic communication is a real thing.

So while we cannot hug each other physically, go ahead a cuddle someone with your communication today. 


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