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Make giving your way of living

Benefits of indulging in the act of service

Shivani Patel

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Many times I see people get stuck in their comfort zone out of  necessity or complete contentment, they don’t want to move from where they are in their life even when they find themselves contemplating about making a change in their idle but thought full moments, either because they can not find a reason to make a change or they can find hundred reasons not to make the change 

Say for example some people stay stuck in the boring unsatisfying jobs because of their materialistic requirements where as others don’t want to do anything because their material requirements are easily fulfilled by some external factor both of these situations can keep one stuck at a stalemate position in life & make a person completely unproductive having a lack of motivation. Initially these can seem like happy comfortable life but eventually one looses the excitement & enthusiasm because they keep doing what the don’t like entirely or the don’t do anything at all. 

To keep life interesting there needs to be change and adventure because for Growth struggle is must nothing can evolve to the higher level within a favourable surroundings. 

Although the way of living is completely a matter of personal choices and circumstances the way out of this situation is to engage oneself in to service towards humanity or to creation in general . 

Because if we look at ourselves we always take from our surroundings & society in-terms of food air habitats nourishment nurturing so it’s our essential duty to give back as and when we can &  with what ever possible way & capacity we possess. 

Volunteering towards any kind of service work in general can give you satisfaction and sense of duty fulfilment, and dwelling in those feelings can open doors of possibilities and change in general life situations. It can provide you personal growth as well as emotional and social contentment plus it keeps you humble & grounded by keeping you in connection with source this service can be in any way or form but it’s should not be only on material level it need personal & physical involvement say for example give time and energy to a cause close to your heart, or involvement toward social awareness & revolution of some kind, 

So if you feel stuck dedicating yourself towards service is a great way to find motivation & purpose for your immediate day today life because everyone has some kind of skill they can donate you need not be passionate about something just recognise your skills or expertise to serve & act on your findings some times by doing it often one should be able to find enjoyment. & remember gains are not always only monetary gains can be in terms of experience, emotional fulfilment, social circle & personal growth or simply increase in happiness. Nothing you give gets wasted it come back to you in thousands of folds in unexpected ways. So if you feel stuck start moving 

Don’t have to take big leaps take baby steps & if you feel lack start giving 

Don’t have to wait till you have enough start with what ever you can. 



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