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Your Job Description for Job Search/Find

A few of the “duties” you are responsible for from your new “Job Description” for your new “Job”- A Successful Job Search.

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Almost every job has a job description, some extremely formal, some very "gray," some verbally shared by your supervisor or coworkers. Where is your job description for job search? I bet you don't have one? Am I right in assuming so? This "job" of job search, may be one of the most important and one of the most difficult jobs you've ever had to do in your life. 

Most likely, no one has ever taught you "How to find a Job" in school, there was no "Job Search 101?" Some colleges offer career search support, many do not. In my book "Your Employment Marketplace" A Quick Read to Help You Succeed at Finding a Job, FAST! I've created a job description for job search. It's helpful to have guidelines and expectations to follow while undertaking this very complicated and stressful "position/job." 

A few of my suggestions include:

-Set up an office or work space that you will utilize strictly for your new job, YOUR JOB SEARCH. It can simply be an area in your home or apartment where you keep your "tools" for the job. It does not have to be a separate room or even a desk. Simply set aside table space or a smal area where you will go to "work.
Make your family aware of the fact that when you are in that space you are "at work" and can't be disrupted. FOCUS!

-Gather your "tools" for your "Job"- your phone, a computer or iPad, a printer, your resume, cover letters, a note pad, pens, lists of job opening leads, contact info for your network, thank-you/blank note cards, your planner/appointment calendar, your daily/weekly/monthly goals and (antacids & advil, lol), Much of these tools can be found or accessed on-line. I'm "old-school" and like to have too many items printed out in front of me.

-Set aside time, at least 5 days a week, to "work at your job." If you worked for someone else you would have to be accountable for a structured schedule. You would not have the luxury, in most cases, to work whenever you wish. If you do not schedule time to work on your job search...the minutes, hours and days will quickly fly by. You will look back and say "where has the time gone?" "I have no interviews, I haven't been able to find a job and it's been weeks/months." Jobs will NOT fall on your lap! You need to work on your job search continuously, effectively and intelligently, especially now in thei HIGHLY competitive job market. Millions of people are our of work.  Don't wait until your umemployment runs out or the "stay at home" time period is over. Get the ball rolling now!  Many companies are conducting phone and video interviews. There are 1,000's of  jobs available right now. 

These are only a few  of the "duties" required to conduct your new "Job" of a SUCCESSFUL JOB SEARCH effectively. My primary point of the "Job Description for a Successful Job Search" is to keep you on track and communicate the importance of this critical and life sustaining "JOB." I've taught/helped thousand's of people how to effectively conduct a successful job search/find. One thing is certain, the above items need to happen, consistently in order to accomplish the desired result... You're HIRED! Be proactive, be confident, don't give-up hope and this "Job" of "Successful Job Search" won't last very long.

Wishing you all the BEST! Christina 


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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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