May 11, 2020 in Career Coaching

In the blink of an eye...our whole world changes. Life on pause!

We are living in one of the most challenging times in history. Use your time wisely while your practicing social distancing.

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A month or two ago we all, most likely, were living a totally different life. Same old routine, getting ready for work in the morning, going to work, coming home making dinner, going to bed, getting up for work (taking care of others in between, school, kids,etc. of course). Thinking all week and looking forward to the weekend, to do all the things we couldn’t do during our hectic work weeks. We didn’t think twice about having the ability to do the things we love, see the people we want to see, and go the places we wanted to go. Maybe you were thinking, when I get time... I’ll FaceTime, message, call or visit so and so, soon, I’ll check out that new art opening, cute shop down the street, or cool restaurant, someday soon, or maybe...I’ll take my kids to see a movie or bowling, or you were dreaming about planning a long over due vacation? For many people, this may seem like somewhat of a “vacation“? 

In the blink of an eye...the PAUSE button was pushed and the world has changed as we knew it to be.  Many of us are still in shock and feel like we’re living in a surreal dream state. Guess what my friends, this is our new reality! Some people work all year to have off a week or two and have never had this much home time in their lives. This truly isn’t a vacation or break from our everyday lives. This is our everyday existence that we may have taken for granted, (some of us), and our lives have been turned upside down. 

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I’m not trying to be a ”doomsdayer“ or  minimize the tragic effect this horrifying disease has had on millions of people throughout the world. My heart breaks for the lives lost, the families devastated by loss of loved ones, and the sick fighting this disease. I feel a deep sense of compassion for the people who’ve lost their jobs, their incomes and sense of self worth. As a small business owner too, I can relate to the panic entrepreneurs are feeling each day, Will their business survive? Will you be able to feed your family and pay your bills?

While living on PAUSE it’s an ideal time to reflect on our lives, our reality and our future. What would you do differently? What can we do to un-click the pause button NOW and make the most of this very difficult  time? What can we do NOW for our families, our communities, our well-being, and our futures? What can we change, learn and accomplish so that something good comes out of this PAUSE? Push the PLAY button NOW, and do something good for yourself and others so you can look back knowing at least one tiny good thing happened for you as a result of this PAUSE. 

May you all stay safe healthy and FOREVER HOPEFUL! Jobfindergirl/CHRISTINA 


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