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Perfect Imperfection

What is your idea of perfection? Accepted by whom? Based on whose criteria? 

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Look at the picture above. Some would look at this bowl and say, "It's not perfect. It's not round; it's not smooth; it's too small to be used for anything; the color is inconsistent; one side is thinner than the other. It's just impractical. What good is this?"

"What purpose does this bowl serve?" 

"What is it here for?" 

I say it's perfect. It wasn't precision-made in a factory or crafted by an individual with years of skill, rather by our daughter in elementary school. And although I am partial to my daughter, it's not perfect because she made it; it's perfect because it's imperfect. It's perfect because it's one of a kind. That bowl above can not be replicated by any human hands. That's what makes it perfect. 

A client of mine once shared, "if I can't do it perfectly, why bother trying? It's just a waste of time."

This idea of perfection that we unrealistically strive to achieve not only invades our work life, social life, and intimate life, it also creeps into our personal appearance. We have been lied to for so much of our lives, some of us believe that we have to change our entire appearance and even gender to be accepted.

We are born perfect, without blemish, until we get old enough to be told "No", or "You're not good enough", or "What were you thinking?"  Over the years we have been fed lies that we are not smart enough, tall enough, thin enough, buff enough, or the right color. We have been lied to that we need this degree, that career, those friends, that wife to have a perfect life. We have to drive this car, belong to this club, or live in this subdivision, or be sure the children go to this school. 

This is when I ask, What is your idea of perfection? Accepted by whom? Based on whose criteria? 

Like that bowl above, each one of us as individuals is uniquely handcrafted and there is not one person on this entire earth that is like another. We are all unique in every way. Even twins have unique fingerprints. 

Each one of us was called into existence for a specific purpose. My purpose is different than my wife's. My neighbor's purpose is different from mine. 

When you realize how truly unique, special and powerful you are, you realize you don't have time or interest in being someone else, because you are too busy being you! 

I believe the best possible way to live a fulfilled life is to learn to accept that you are perfect, whole, and complete. Just the way you are. The next step is to understand your purpose, and then enjoy the freedom of letting go of the unrealistic idea of perfection. There is freedom when you embrace your uniqueness and let go of perfection; you will rid yourself of your own unrealistic expectations and truly begin to experience freedom, and ultimately, your true purpose.

If you would like to learn more about discovering yourself and your purpose, please reach out to me.

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