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For What it's Worth...

Questions like that lead me to believe people are beginning to question their purpose and reason for being here. 

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A client recently asked me, "What's the point of all of this?" while discussing matters of life and death. I have been hearing questions like that a lot lately; "What does it matter what I do?" Or "I do everything right and still get nowhere," or "What did I do to deserve this?"

Questions like that lead me to believe people are beginning to question their purpose and reason for being here. 

Let's break down various ideas and beliefs about life in two different camps: 1. We are here only by chance with no plan or thought in mind, and so we might as well take what we can get while we are here because life goes pretty fast, or 2. We are specifically created with thought and purpose in mind, crafted with specific skills and abilities that make us unique. And we are to share these skills and abilities with others. 

I know several individuals who are in camp 1 and believe that the one who dies with the most toys wins. After all, what does a billionaire want? Another billion. 

I also know several individuals who are in camp 2 and are willing to share their talents and gifts with those around them who are willing to receive and enjoy them. 

I also know that regardless of what camp you are in, the one certainty is that we will all die a physical death on earth where all activity will cease. No more 9 to 5, mortgage bills, fast cars, friends, or entertainment. 

So how should we live? What should we do? 

Many people who are monetarily wealthy, who are comfortable beyond the basic necessities of life, typically find themselves wanting more. Why? Because what they currently have does not satisfy them. Thus the cycle of working, buying, playing, working, buying, playing, endlessly continues. People who are wealthy feel empowered and yet are trapped by the very thing that empowered them in the first place. When we seek things that are in and of this world, we get trapped by the very things we seek. When we seek things outside of this material world, we begin to focus on something greater than ourselves.

Many people who decide to share their talents may become monetarily wealthy, but more importantly, are rich in their desire to share their gifts with others, and have joy when it is well received. Those who truly understand what their gifts and talents are, and have figured out how to share them, will do so even if no one is listening or watching because that is what they are designed to do. After all, a bird sings regardless of anyone is listening to the song.

As a society, we have learned to monetize everything. We have learned that the value of something is the price someone is willing to pay for it. As a result, we have learned to not give anything away unless we know what we will get out of it: What's in it for me? And when we believe that the only way to measure our worth is by what people will pay,  we get on this hamster wheel of anxiety, trying to keep up with some false sense of value based on someone else's criteria. 

When you begin to seek value in yourself, according to your own criteria, not someone else's,  and begin to understand your true worth and purpose, the idea of what's in it for you changes and you begin to realize that your power rests in not what you keep, but in what you give away.  

Your power rests in the foundation of your beliefs and principles. When you believe there is something greater than yourself, the question changes from "What now" to "What's Next?" That's the first step. If you want to find out what's next, contact me today. I'd love to hear from you. 

Original article: https://walking-in-love.net/start-here/f/for-what-its-worth

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