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How To Locate Your Soulmate.

I often find new clients confused as to what a soulmate is and the role they play in our lives. This confusion can lead to heartache and disappointment in relationships, so I decided to bring some clarification to the matter of soulmates.

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There is no human connection like that of a soulmate, it is a closeness and openness that we will never find in another soul. Soulmates are two souls meant to be, they compliment one another in ways other can't, they are the other half of who we are.

Our soulmates allow us to be who we truly are, without compromise or sacrifice, apart from our children the soulmate connection is one of the most important connections we will ever have in our lifetime.

First let's start with the misconceptions, these are the things we get wrong when it comes to the role of a soulmate in our lives.


Your soulmate is your partner not your leader.

I often see people in relationships with their soulmates that look to their partners for leadership and choose to play a tag along role, soulmates are partners, not our leaders.

Your soulmate is your life journey partner, not your assistant.

I see many relationships where there is a dominate partner, who often makes the other feel more like an assistant helper rather than a equal partner, this creates imbalance.

Your soulmate is not there to make your life better.

So many people see a soulmate as someone who is going to change their lives and make everything better, but this is not the case, it will only lead to disappointment.

Your soulmate is there to be a part of your life, not the center of your life.

There are some partners who completely let go of who they truly are as a person for their soulmate as if they are making an honorable sacrifice, but this only leads to feelings of resentment.

Having your soulmate in your life does not mean you are going to float away and live happily ever after, things can go wrong, these are to most common reasons.


When it can go wrong.

When we depend on them for our own happiness.

Depending on someone else to make us happy will often lead to disappointment and a false sense that our partners just don't care, but for your partner it can feel like a heavy burden and quite suffocating.


When we don't bring our value to the table.

When we simply nod in agreement and comply to our partners without voicing our opinions or our strengths, this can cause our partner to feel that they aren't in a partnership at all, but more like they are in a parent role.


When we begin to lose sight of who we truly are.

Losing ourselves to our responsibilities, allowing the troubles of life to engulf us can causes us to forget who we are, to the point our partner won't be able to recognize us.


When life creates a distance in the connection.

By becoming so caught up in our day to day lives that we put aside what matters most we can create a distance that will eventually cause emotional and psychical distance, this will eventually include a strong lack of communication.


Many times I have worked with clients who have missed the connection to their soulmate, they could have been right before their eyes and were oblivious to the connection.

How you can miss the connection.


Emotional baggage caused my past hurts and emotional pain can and will slow down your progress in meeting your soulmate.


Unhealthy habits and relationships that are draining us mentally and emotionally can cause us to become distracted from the connection.


Not being our true selves can cause us to miss the connection, your soulmate is searching for you imperfections and all, not who we are trying to disguise ourselves to be.


Emotional, financial and professional insecurity are areas that can cause us to not be ready for the connection, just they way you are seeking a whole healthy, happy, successful person to share your life with, so are they.

Now that we have cleared up a few things, let's get into what you need to do to prepare for your soulmate to enter your life.

How to Prepare For Your Soulmate.

  • Mend and heal from past wounds.
  • Stabilize yourself, emotionally, mentally and financially.
  • Take a break from the dating scene.
  • Become comfortable with yourself.
  • Work on your personal and professional goals.
  • Clear your head of cluttered thoughts.
  • Refocus yourself.
  • Get back to you, find your true self.
  • Commit to yourself.

These are just a few ways you can prepare yourself for your soulmate connection, please keep in mind that your soulmate is searching for you as well. 

Do you feel you have already met your soulmate?

Do you sense a distance with your soulmate?

Let me know.


Would you like to know if your are prepared for your soulmate and how to locate them? This is Meditation for the modern world, you, focused, confident, strong. 
Begin your journey to clarity and insight.

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