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Get Out of Bed (Depression)


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Get Out of Bed

  • What are some of the symptoms of depression? Some people struggle with changes in sleep, changes in appetite, lack of concentration, lack of interest in activities, lack of energy, hopelessness, guilty thoughts, physical aches and pains, and even suicidal thoughts. What are some of the causes? Some cases of depression are traumatic events, genetic mood disorder that cause depression, brain changes, drug use and alcohol abuse, and other medical conditions such as ADHD (Nami, 2020). I believe three groups that can be depressed are pregnant women, teenagers, and gay people.  For example, pregnant women hormonal changes can cause depression. In addition, teenagers can experience similar issues with their hormonal changes as well. Gay groups can suffer from depression because they lack acceptance and understanding from other people. What are some treatments? Some treatments for depression are psychotherapy, exercising, and medications. For example, taking medications can help reduce symptoms of depression. 



  • Andrew Solomon has the gift of written and verbal expression.  Please comment on these phrases -- “The opposite of depression is not happiness but vitality.” “Depressives believe they are seeing the truth, but the truth lies.” “Our needs are our greatest assets.” What do these assertions mean to him, and what could they teach you? It appears that moments of devastating darkest things of his mind woke him up after years of battling depression. He discovered that depression is a part of life. The fear of facing depression could be scary. However, taking medication could safe a person’s life. For example, when starting medication a person can get the help they need immediately. Furthermore, a person can be afraid but talking about everything could help someone recover. Once he realized that depression treatment might help, it could actually create a change. It was confusing to live life and get through it. More so, depression can debilitate our minds when we face too much sadness and grief. This can cause a person to take their own lives. However, depression makes people feel horrible and a person can also try a natural way (Depression, The Secret we Share, 2013). He had a lot of big emotions that lead him to depression. He learned that the opposite of depression was not happiness, but vitality. As a result, he learned how to love his depression that brought him gratefulness for life.



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