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Genetic Diversity and Variation

This article is directed at students studying Level 3 BTEC Science or Advanced Level Biology and looking to book lessons.

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This article is part of the lesson structure for studying genetic diversity in plants and animals through meiosis. In animals meiosis takes place in the gonads for males and in the ovaries for females. In flowering plants meiosis takes place in the anthers and in the ovules. There are plenty of places where genetic diversity can be introduced during meiosis. There is a duplication step where genetic material is duplicated or doubled before the cell can divide. Two types of duplication errors can occur that can lead to new proteins being produced, these are Substitution errors  or deletion errors . Substitution errors lead to a new DNA base being replaced by a different base that may or may not lead to a new protein being formed. If the new protein is beneficial this will be passed on to future generations. If the new protein is detrimental it will usually be 'dropped out' and not continue for future generations. 

Another area where genetic diversity can be introduced is after the duplication step where homologous pairs of chromosomes comes into close contact and can touch against each other so that the leg of one chromosome can get exchanged for the leg of it's homologous pair. This process is called 'crossing over' and increases the possibility for genetic diversity.

To get a whole picture for the range of ways where Meiosis can produce genetic diversity book an online lesson today. Thank you for taking the time to read this brief article.


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